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Notre Dame Maths Quiz

Congratulations and well done to our Year 4 team who represented us at the Maths Quiz this afternoon.
They had a great time and worked extremely well together.
We are very proud of them.


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Congratulations and very well done to our cheerleading team. They attended the South Yorkshire finals yesterday, performed a great routine and were awarded joint third place in the competition. We are all really proud of you.



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After careful consideration, due to the adverse weather conditions and for health and safety reasons, school will be closed tomorrow, Friday 2nd March. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, but the safety of the children and staff, and also yourselves, is vital.


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Snow Day!

img_5165img_5162Happy Snow Day everyone. We had lots of fun yesterday exploring the snow. We tried to make 50 footprints by counting backwards from 50 to 0! We also learnt a snow dance.

Here are some activities you can do in the snow today:

Create a snow superhero instead of a snow man. Can you write a story about the adventures of your snow superhero?

Practise writing capital letters correctly in the snow. You could use a stick, a finger (with a glove on!) or your footprints. Can you write your name and your family’s names with a tall capital letter at the beginning? Make sure it doesn’t join up to the rest of the word!

Become a snow superhero! Can you do some heroic things in the snow? Take some pictures or write about the heroic things you have done.

Hold some snow in your hands. Does it melt? How does it feel?
Bring some snow inside and time how long it takes to melt. Did it take longer than 1 minute or less than 1 minute?

Draw a picture of the view from outside your window. What can you see?

Have a snowball throwing competition with your family or friends. Who can throw a snowball the furthest?

Make up your own snow dance like the one we practiced in school. Does your snow dance make it snow more like ours did?

Have a wonderful day full of fun!

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Due to the severe weather conditions, school will open at 10am this morning. BREAKFAST CLUB WILL NOT BE OPEN THIS MORNING. Many of our staff have long distances to travel to reach school and, whilst the weather may not be too bad in some areas, the snow is causing many staff difficulties getting there.  We cannot open school and keep the childen safe if we do not have sufficient staff.  We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause but the safety of everyone is important and a delayed start is preferable to closing school completely. We thank you for your cooperation in this.

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KS1 Ash Wednesday Liturgy

The children in KS 1 gathered together to think about what happens on Ash Wednesday.

They placed the word ‘Alleluia’ into the box and carefully put it away until Easter Sunday. 

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Meet the Super Veggies!


We have been reading Supertato: Veggies Assemble by Sue Hendra. We created our own Super Veggies to help rescue Supertato. We thought very carefully about what would turn an ordinary vegetable into a Super Veggie! When our Super Veggies were finished, we went to train them, to see what their super powers were. Our veggies did some heavy boulder lifting with their massive muscles, climbing up walls using their ninja know-how…they even learnt to play hopscotch!
Hooray for Super Veggies!

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Our incredible inventions!




Year 1 have followed in the footsteps of Alexander Graham Bell by designing and creating their own telephones.
They were all designed to have at least two unique features. Some of Year 1’s phones designs were:
A phone that flies to your ear when somebody calls you.
A phone that disappears when you aren’t using it.
A phone that even does your shopping for you!

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