Sacred Heart School

Sacred Heart School

A Catholic Voluntary Academy

Headteacher: Mrs C. Kelly

Teaching, Learning and the Curriculum

CurriculumHere at Sacred Heart School, we believe that learning should be fun. Children learn best when they are able to lead their own learning, when learning experiences are exciting and stimulating. As a Catholic Voluntary Academy we have designed our own curriculum which focuses on the key skills children need as well as meeting the objectives of the National Curriculum which is prescribed by the Government. Staff have worked hard to plan a four year cycle of exciting, whole-school themes aimed at creating a real love of learning. Classrooms are fully immersive of each theme with doorways and corridors themed accordingly, too. Each of the themes has a specific curriculum focus eg history or science perhaps. Other aspects of the curriculum are then also explored and investigated through each theme.

At Key Stage 1, children are taught phonics through a combination of the Jolly Phonics scheme and Letters and Sounds. Phonics are then  reinforced through games using an online programme called Phonics Bug and by using other apps on the school’s ipads. For reading the children have access to a variety of books including Project X, Code X, Oxford Reading Tree and our newly purchase Bug Club books.

The curriculum at Sacred Heart includes not only the learning which occurs in the classroom, but also the extra-curricular activities which we provide to enrich the experiences of the children. All of the activities we offer are designed to encourage and promote the intellectual, personal, social, physical, creative, spiritual and moral development of our pupils. We aim to help our children and young people to learn and understand others, to value diversity whilst also promoting shared values.

If you wish to find out more about our curriculum, then please contact school where a  member of staff will be happy to discuss any queries you may have. Alternatively, we can set up a meeting for you to meet with our curriculum leader, Mrs Barrett. Even better, come and have a look round and see our curriculum in action!

Below is a link to an outline of the themes as they currently stand, however, they are subject to change.

                                                   Curriculum Grids 2015-16

Reading Corner Y5Doorway Grids 2016-17