100 word challenge 11/1/16

  • 11th Jan, 2016 at 8:14am


  • Max
    18th Jan, 2016 at 9:30pmm

    Polar bears have fluffy thick fur that keeps them warm in the cold weather they live in. The three bears are called John,Jim, and Harry. They are huddled up together but there are tired because they have been hunting for fish. After their sleep they go and hunt more fish. Jim was having a drink from the lake then harry came. Harry is very clumsy he bumped Jim and both of them fell in the lake. John said you clumsy bears. Jim said it was not me some clumsy bear pushed me in.John said and who is that.Jim said your looking at him. John said you, Jim said no,Harry.

  • Alister
    18th Jan, 2016 at 8:08pmm

    There once was two polar bears who loved to play, but one day they went too far from home and got lost. The polar bears looked everywhere but could not find home. But suddenly they remembered what their mom told them at school if you are lost stay where you are. Meanwhile mom got back from fishing but noticed that her cubs where gone. She saw cub prints, and she followed them until she found them. Eventually she found her cubs, she gave them tea and then the all went to bed.

  • billy
    18th Jan, 2016 at 11:48amm

    Winter had come, and I was hungry, and I was sleepy. I snuggled up to my mum, who was fast asleep. Desperately, I wanted to fall asleep. I was just about to fall asleep, but then! I spotted something big and white in the distance. Fear was building up inside of me. I tried to read but the wind blew my thoughts.
    “Mum!” I shouted. She woke up with a bang.
    “Look” I roared.
    “What! Where!” said mum.
    “There” I feared
    “Oh Jim, that’s just your father coming home, after his hunt. Now go back to sleep” said mum.
    “Sorry” I said quietly, not wanting to disturb her. I felt relieved, relieved in a way that made me want to shout for joy ” Whoopee!!”.

  • Veronica
    17th Jan, 2016 at 7:53pmm

    The beautiful polar bear cubs were friends, who loved playing with each other. Early in the
    morning, their Mother went to catch fish, but she did not come back for a long time. While the cubs were waiting for their Mother to come back, they past the hours by playing together and trying to find some other food to eat. That’s when they tried some snow and found out about what their Mother told them about how horrible snow tastes was true! It nearly past three hours and their Mother was still not back. Eventually the cubs got tired, so they went to bed. The next morrning the cubs heard a strange noise, so they went to see what it was. They were woken up by the sound of their Mother making breakfast.

  • Martha
    17th Jan, 2016 at 1:58pmm

    One day Mummy and Baby Polar Bear were snuggled together on the wet, cold, ice. The baby polar bear saw some shadows of his friends in the mist, they came over and he played with them until his father came home with a big fish in his Mouth. After they had there dinner they had a sleep. The next day they woke up and half of the iceberg was gone!!!, it was melting. The polar bears were separated from there friends on the other half of the iceberg. It’s just as well they are amazing, fast swimmers.

  • James
    16th Jan, 2016 at 8:07pmm

    One day two polar bears sadly got stuck in Antarctica in the most freezing continent in the whole wide world. Petrified, brave, worried they both carried on walking until the dark, scary darkness comes and creeps. Tonight they hugged each other in a way to give them hope to not get frozen in these cold conditions. They were all alone sleeping in the icy Antarctica so then deeply one of the polar bears dreamed that they would get food to help them survive. The next day their wish came true forever and ever.

  • Jessica
    16th Jan, 2016 at 11:42amm

    The baby polar bear rests on his mother while his father is out hunting. It is cold so they snuggle up and fall asleep. When the dad comes back they are still a sleep, so he rolls under them and has a nap to. Later the baby polar bear decides he’s hungry, so he gets up and goes to a hole where his dad gets seals. As he arrives, he notices that the ice is thinner than usual. While he was looking into the hole, he notices something big coming to the surface. He begins to panic, when he realises it is a great blue whale, he has heard about how heavy they are and how easily they could break the ice. Suddenly his father appeared and quickly scooped him out of the way! He carefully dropped him conformably onto his mum’s back and slowly fell asleep.

  • Joanie
    16th Jan, 2016 at 11:23amm

    Scared, tired, cold, the two polar bears huddled together as the snowing stopped. Unfortunately the polar bears didn’t have food for the spring. The always loved to curl up on the snow and fall asleep. Their tummies began to rumble so they went hunting and found some seals. As the two bears breathed the cold air, clouds came out of their mouths. They began a long walk to the North Pole. After three hard months they huddled up in an icy den at the North Pole. They enjoyed sleeping, especially in their new den. They agreed that they would never leave.

  • Olivia
    16th Jan, 2016 at 10:49amm

    it was a cold wintery day in the Artic,everything was frozen.However the two polar bears were never going to give up having fun.The polar bears couldn’t play which there friends because it was to cold. They couldn’t go for a walk.But the worst thing was they couldn’t do their favourite thing which was catching fish and seals.Sadly they both only had their mind on there dad in the sea.Later they started gliding on ice finally they had found fun in cold!Suddenly an adorable face popped up it was their daddy.

  • Bitania
    15th Jan, 2016 at 10:06pmm

    In the North pole,it seemed to be all white.When suddenly,I spotted two,black,circle things.I noticed that I was looking at two polar bears.They were waiting until daddy bear came back.He was getting food to eat like,fish and much more.When he finally came with food to eat,by the time he got the plates,the fish was gone.Afterwords,the polar bear family saw a seal swimming and chewing on something.They noticed that the seal might of been eating the food.The seal felt sorry for them so he caught some fish and gave it to them to eat.

  • Summer
    14th Jan, 2016 at 5:30pmm

    ‘It is a very cold winter said a polar bear to his friend, the wind is hurting my face’.
    He had walked a long way across the deep snow, to find food and was now feeling tired and cold.
    He was waiting for his friend to finish the supper he had bought them, so they could rest and try to get warm, but it seemed to be taking so long.
    Polar decided to play eye spy to pass the time, but soon realised they could only spy snow.
    At last his friend has finished eating, so the snuggled together to keep warm. Polar started to feel happier straight away, all he needed was a good friend.

  • Elizabeth
    13th Jan, 2016 at 9:42pmm

    Polar bears have lovely white, fluffy coats. Their colour is comparable to cold, icy snow. They have deep, dark black eyes and smooth, shiny noses.

    Here are some polar bear facts:
    – they live in the Arctic
    – they are the largest carnivores living on land and seals make up most of their diet
    – female polar bears usually weigh half as much as males
    – they have forty two teeth
    – their scientific name is ‘Ursus maritimus’
    -they spend most of their time at sea
    – the average height of a male is 1.3 metres
    – the average weight is 450 kg

    They truly are amazing animals! As humans we contribute to global warming which means the ice will melt. No sea ice means no seals and no food means no polar bears!

  • Luke
    13th Jan, 2016 at 8:33pmm

    On a cold, wintry night, two big bears cuddled closely together. These big, fluffy creatures were snuggly and fury, and in the snow they looked cute. Both bears thought they should go to catch some fish from the sea. Fish were jumping out of the sea like crazy. The fish spied the bears and swam away. Behind the bears there was a hunter. The bears heard the hunter getting ready to shoot. They ran on to a floating iceberg which began to float further away from land. The bears felt scared and worried. What would happen now? To be continued…

  • Lily
    13th Jan, 2016 at 5:42pmm

    The two polar bears lying together were resting in the snow. The North Pole is where they live, it is cold, chilly place. A terrible blizzard had ended, the wind was howling, blowing flakes of snow through the air. There was a glimmer of the sun that shone slightly through the heavy clouds. It was time for the two polar bears to return to the warmth of their cave. What an adventure they had playing in the snow. Hours had passed, but they were now very tired and very hungry. The bears know they is no place like home.

  • Joseph
    13th Jan, 2016 at 5:29pmm

    One cold day in the Arctic circle a polar bear cub was playing in the snow with a new friend. Soon, there came a whistling storm; it hit both of the polar bears like a door slamming! Both bears huddled together and waited until it was over. After a couple of hours it was gone but there was no sign of the other polar bear. He felt sad that his new friend was now missing but he had to start trudging back. Soon, his mother and father came with his brother and they all went home.

  • Sarah
    12th Jan, 2016 at 7:53amm

    A soft, sleepy polar bear rested on his mother, while his father searched for food. They were getting cold just waiting for their food, but unfortunately it was only early winter. Soon, his furry friends appeared, and they played until the cub’s farther came back with the supper. His friends went back home so they can also have their own supper. The family sat down and munched on fish. Next, they snuggled up to keep warm and a minute later they dozed off again. The next day, they woke up to realise that the community they lived in the ice had melted so they got separated from the other communities.

  • Dylan
    11th Jan, 2016 at 4:37pmm

    The bears were sleeping on the frozen ice, when suddenly a seal appeared to them and said “Are you lost?” “Yes” replied the bears in hope of finding their way home. The seal agreed to help them. They set of and soon came to an ice maze. They went right then left then left again…

    After a while, the three of them found there way out and arrived at an ice festival. There was ice cream, a pool, ice pinball and even a hook a fish stall! It was so busy the bears thought about their family. Would they ever see them again?

  • Millie
    11th Jan, 2016 at 2:00pmm

    It was a cold day in the Artic, the sun was shining on the glistening snow. Yet the air was cold and chilly. The Polar Bears that live there were huddled together to keep warm. The white of their fur matched the colour of the snow. The Polar Bears would normally play around in the snow, chasing and playfully growling at each other. Today it was too cold, all they wanted to do was lay around and keep warm. Maybe they would go and hunt some food later. But for now it was to be a lazy, chilled out day in the Artic.

  • Kayden
    11th Jan, 2016 at 10:38amm

    One day two polar bears were weak and couldn’t walk . Freezing, hungry, tired, the polar bears tried to hug but fell asleep. One of the Bears had a dream about fish and the other had a dream about playing with other polar bears. Suddenly out of the light a huge shadow appeared it looked like it had something in its mouth when they opened their eyes it was their dad with a load of polar bears.

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