100 word challenge 2nd November

  • 2nd Nov, 2015 at 7:58am

Can you write a description of this picture using similes and adjectives? Or have a go at writing a poem.



  • Millie
    11th Nov, 2015 at 8:04pmm

    The water was drifting down the river.
    Going past the stepping stones.
    Rushing and whirling leaves fall down into the water and go floating down the river .
    The sparkling rays of sun finding its way past the trees. The changing colour of the leaves from a green to a hazelnut brown that fall from the trees.

    The flowing river makes a gushing sound as it hits against the stones forming a broken bridge across the water. The old fallen leaves making a crunching sound much like the crunching of paper or the eating of a crunchy waffer. Our wellies squelched in the slippy mud.

  • Dylan
    10th Nov, 2015 at 6:20pmm

    When I look at this picture, I see glossy rocks as shiny as silver. The duckweed in the river makes the water look murky like an abandoned swamp. Some of the trees are as tall as skyscrapers. Some are dark and some are light as though the bark has been chewed off by a forest creature, perhaps a squirrel. The stepping stones look as smooth as my skin. It all looks very wet and slippy. The trees are very dense because they are close together like a jungle. There are lots of lush, light green leaves on the trees blocking out the sunlight.

  • billy
    8th Nov, 2015 at 10:47pmm

    As the water whooshes over the slippery stepping stones, the Autumn wind blows green leaves off the trees. When the bark falls off the tree it lands in the dark, oozing mud, and eventually slides into the freezing water. As soon as the wind blows, the twisting helicopter seeds blow completely off track. When you look up at the trees, as tall as sky scrapers, they block just enough of the flaming, hot ball as bright as an angel. Without any doubt, you can definitely tell that Autumn is here, and its coming at us strong!

  • Veronica
    8th Nov, 2015 at 9:26pmm

    In the beautiful woods, the trees that are turning brown reminds me of the dark muddy puddles that I see when I’m walking in the rain. I can see many pretty leaves as yellow as the shining sun and the river is as bright as a piece of glass. The stones are so slippery that you feel like you are going to fall. The birds are getting ready to go. The squirrels are searching for more nuts and chestnuts to store. All you see left are colourful leaves covering the ground and that is why I can tell it’s autumn.

  • James
    8th Nov, 2015 at 11:47amm

    The water flows slowly like a walking slow cow. It looks like it is adventurous and wild as well. Also the rocks are as slippery as a block of freezing cold ice. It’s also a bit scary and a little bit terrifying. What I also think is that it is a bit muddy and damp. The weather gets freezing, chilly, cold, rainy and cloudy all at the same time. The weather will be cold like Antarctica.

  • Sarah
    7th Nov, 2015 at 10:53amm

    The gentle waves glide across the overflowing stream. As the slippery stepping stones shimmer in the Autumn sun. Scampering up on a tree was a scuttling squirrel, on her search for fresh ripe nuts. While the foxes go on the hunt for food. The colourful leaves cover the ground like a carpet. An elegant deer strolling along stops, and quickly takes a drink. The swallows fly like jets to Africa, where it’s nice and warm. As fluffy as a polar bear, the big barn owls roam the night. You can smell the muddy, dissolving, scattered leaves everywhere. Autumn is here!

  • Elizabeth
    6th Nov, 2015 at 8:36pmm

    Shimmering stream
    and stones that gleam,
    the stones and streams like disco balls

    Oozing mud
    and cruising bugs,
    the mud and bugs like big swamps

    Scaly fish
    that can swish,
    the fish like rushing waves at sea

    Colourful leaves
    and humongous trees,
    the leaves and trees like long fingers waving

    Autumn breeze
    flying through the the trees,
    the breeze like birds flying

    Thick, muddy footprints
    dirty and black,
    the footprints like marks of paint

    Shining sun
    brighter than ever,
    the sun like freshly spewed lava

    Overgrown plants
    saturated in ants,
    the ants and plants like wriggling,waving flags

    Autumn is here

  • Joanie
    5th Nov, 2015 at 5:46pmm

    In Rivelin Valley in the autumn the trees look majestic all together. They gather together to make a roof over the forest. All of the leaves are gold and patterned with lines. As they fall from the trees they make a carpet on the forest floor. I try to catch the leaves as they fall to make a wish, but they dodge my hand and it feels like I’m always in the wrong place. I like to kick the piles of leaves on the ground.
    In the river the stones are as slippy as moss. The freezing water glistens like ice.

  • Joseph
    5th Nov, 2015 at 4:56pmm

    A wind is coming, there are no birds in the sky
    Under the stepping stones, tiny creatures hide
    The trees sway from side to side and the moles dig in the soil
    Under the earth there are wriggling worms and foxes too
    Magically the water rushes past, it suddenly goes quiet
    Nature is getting ready for Winter!

    Autumn is here!
    By Joseph Gore

  • Lily
    4th Nov, 2015 at 8:36pmm

    What a wonderful place this is, walking through the woods. Birds are singing, they sound like angels. There is a clearing which is surrounded by beautiful trees and the air is so fresh. A sparkling stream, with stepping stones. the stream seems very clear. You can hear the sound of water, passing through the large rocks. Nervously, groups of people decided to cross the stream, It appears quite chilly and the light is fading through the trees. Surprisingly, most cross the stream with ease and return to the safety of the path.

    • Mrs Tauiliili
      5th Nov, 2015 at 8:57amm

      Great writing Lily.

  • Summer
    3rd Nov, 2015 at 4:29pmm

    Ocean blue flows right through the summer breeze floats through the air. All the air glides through the sky. You can hear the tall green trees whispering to each other as the water flows by it glides it’s slippery fingers around the rocks that lay in it’s path. As people tiptoe across the rocks shimmering water splashes on their feet. In the woods there are lots of different types of animals there are some dogs, foxes, bats, skunks, badgers and some more. Rivelin is a beautiful place to go that is why I love it so.
    By Summer Hawkins

    • Mrs Tauiliili
      4th Nov, 2015 at 9:17amm

      Fantastic Summer! Great use of descriptive language.

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