100 Word Challenge

  • 1st Mar, 2015 at 3:50pm

Firstly many apologies. Something went wrong and the 100 word challenge didn’t upload for some reason this week. Thank you to those of you that told me about the problem at Mass this morning. So here it is again….

DISASTER! What has happened to the Year Five classroom?

Whatever happened it looks like they were looking for something. What do you think it was?


  • Miguel’s Mum
    8th Mar, 2015 at 6:23pmm

    One chaotic day, something unexpected happened; the Y5 classroom was absolutely trashed! Chairs out of place, trays out of place and flipped over, work everywhere, pillows on support beams, and much, much, much more, even the teacher’s chair was on a table! Even though they wrecked the classroom, no displays were wrecked, none. So maybe, the aliens are educational, maybe they didn’t want to have the classroom that wrecked, nobody knew. But they might have been looking for something, they might have been looking for the eggs and the rocket but they were taken to the Professor’s lab. Too be continued… (Catching up from last week)

  • Laura
    8th Mar, 2015 at 6:13pmm

    The alien attack was scary and nobody knew what was going on. People were starting to think that there were aliens in the school. The chairs were on the floors everywhere with the draws and paper thrown about. The aliens had left goo over things we don’t know if it was trying to eat anything. It was terrifying. They might have wanted to eat the chairs but then they might have eaten us instead if we’d been there. What did they want from us. Luckily I was at home, so they couldn’t eat me

  • Freddie
    8th Mar, 2015 at 6:11pmm

    When I first heard about something happened in our classroom I thought it was destruction froma robber who did it. Also I thought it was only in our class and no-one else’s class was destroyed. When I first got in I was gob-smacked at the devestationin the classroom. Suprisingly the R.E. display and Mrs Barret ‘s desk weren’t even touched. They must have known God was very powerful and must have been scared of him. There was goo with many different colours and pillows were scatered on the ceiling, it was a mess!

  • Amber
    8th Mar, 2015 at 3:42pmm

    It started off as a usual Monday morning. I arrived at my school and walked into my classroom to find the biggest mess i had ever seen.”What has happened in here?” everyone was asking each other.”Lets look at the CCTV cameras” suggested someone. We all huddled around the TV screen and couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw little alien people wearing strange shiny clothes and a giant stereo was blasting out music from the corner. Wow! Everyone gasped, they were dancing around, picking up chairs, knocking over tables, spilling slimy pop everywhere. It was an alien party!
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  • Ella
    8th Mar, 2015 at 3:13pmm

    One night aliens invaded our school. They made all the classrooms really messy. When we walked into our classroom we were all shocked . But out of the corner of my eye I saw some slimy goo.I went over to my table to investigate.I think the aliens were looking for their rocket ship that had been taken away. Maybe they were green because there were green hand prints everywhere .It was a very strange day and lots of unusual things happened.what do you think they were looking for ?

  • James
    8th Mar, 2015 at 1:12pmm

    “Woah…” the children seemed to mutter as the class walked inside. It was simply a war zone. Chairs were turned over, drawers were tipped out , the displays were trashed and everything apart from the R.E table was destroyed. Many predictions were made such as: the aliens were angry about us taking their eggs/spaceship and that they were blind and were just looking to repair their ship or get food. The investigation continues.

  • harry2
    8th Mar, 2015 at 10:07amm

    There were once five aliens who were called after the name of the coppers. They crashed at Sacred Heart school and found lots of things. They wanted it to look like their planet, so they tried to do that. But these types of aliens like to spray slime, because this helps them remember stuff like the school. But we know aliens don’t mean any harm, they just want to have fun! For example, they made a party in the Y3 classroom, for a boy who was eight. But they didn’t have any food, because they only like alien food!

  • Michael
    8th Mar, 2015 at 9:42amm

    One shocking day aliens trashed the year 5 class room.Every thing was untidy and random things were in weird places.All the draws where thrown out of there own places,weird slime was found on the chairs of year 5 and there was chairs stacked on each other.It looked like a pile of rubbish that had been put in the school class room.The children then had to tidy the classroom and cover the slime.

  • Gino
    7th Mar, 2015 at 7:10pmm

    Trays,papers,pens pencil pots on the floor, upside down chairs, goo hanging on the chair legs. This is what I saw on Monday morning. How did this happened? who has done this? I thought to my self. Then I remembered my dream from the night before. I saw the 4 aliens from the space ship coming in to my classroom. They had 3 heads coming out off their bodies and 1 big hand with 10 fingers that was lifting all the chairs and throwing them about. They were naughty, they were laughing and jumping whilst they made a real messy mess!

  • Ryan 2
    7th Mar, 2015 at 12:24pmm

    Last night, on Thursday, the aliens attacked the class. No one was aware of the extra-terrestrial invasion that was under way. The aliens probably searched the class for something. Its clear aliens are Christians-they didn’t touch the re display! When miss came, there was sticky stuff everywhere, stacked chairs all over the place and even pillows on the banisters! When we came we tried, successfully ,to clear the mess, we realised that we might be invaded…

  • Callum
    7th Mar, 2015 at 11:02amm

    The aliens came looking for eggs and stuff to build a new rocket. And left our classroom,extremely messy with goo on tables trays on floor and chairs threw about. Who ever knew aliens could make so much mess.

  • Sara
    6th Mar, 2015 at 7:41pmm

    Aliens invaded! There were trays tipped everywhere, chairs on tables, goo all over and Gino’s cushion on one of the beams! The goo was a lot like a liquid but still just a solid. The displays and R.E. table weren’t touched so maybe the aliens were Christians and respected education. Oddly, my Homework book disappeared that same week! Maybe these Christian, education respecting aliens took it back to their planet to show what human homework looked like. I think they might have been looking for the orb-like shapes that had been found in the rocket. Maybe even the actual rocket!

  • Ben 2
    5th Mar, 2015 at 8:03pmm

    Some kids came into school expecting the day to be normal until they came into the classroom and it was trashed. The kids were shocked and there was goo everywhere and one kid was missing they searched everywhere but he was gone!…

  • Seamus
    5th Mar, 2015 at 6:45pmm

    It was a dark gloomy night and a gang of aliens crept into the year 5 classroom. How many were there ten, eleven then one of them said “Gvthuxrsjiwuiydfhdftawtrsgyfd,” which in English means “Don’t bring him in we are not ready.” Well they did just as he said a couple of minutes past then “Xbfvgdrhryutuqtgyfgg,” translated is “We are ready.”–Bob was having a bad day no-body had remembered his birthday just a boring old alien day but he was not ready for this “Surprise,” (the only word they can say in English) “gccwsuprisehsryer,” – “Ohh a surprise party
    my favourite!”

  • Seamus
    5th Mar, 2015 at 6:43pmm

    It was a dark gloomy night and a gang of aliens created into the year 5 classroom. How many were there ten, eleven then one of them said “Gvthuxrsjiwuiydfhdftawtrsgyfd,” which in English means “Don’t bring him in we are not ready.” Well they did just as he said a couple of minutes past then “Xbfvgdrhryutuqtgyfgg,” translated is “We are ready.”–Bob was having a bad day no-body had remembered his birthday just a boring old alien day but he was not ready for this “Surprise,” (the only word they can say in English) “gccwsuprisehsryer,” – “Ohh a surprise party
    my favourite!”

  • Charlotte
    4th Mar, 2015 at 6:25pmm

    It was an average day at school or that’s what we thought. But Mrs Barrett was extremely stressed. She was running up and down the corridors as if something was worrying. We all wanted to know what it was, but we were just about to find out…
    Mrs Barrett opened the door to the classroom and said “Watch this.” She opened the door to see the awful sight of chairs turned, draws tipped and strange alien goo green and slimy. Silence was only to be heard. The question is, was it an alien?

  • Lydia
    2nd Mar, 2015 at 8:20pmm

    We came into school. We walked into the classroom. Our faces in shock, everyone gathered around. We looked and saw what looked like alien goo! This was no laughing matter, aliens had trashed our class! ALIENS! Well it turns out year threes class was messy. The aliens had a party in their classroom. Why wonder when you can investigate. This was a case for Professor Rosswell Rendlesham. Another question was found, why was the alien goo different colours? Nobody knows…..

  • matthew
    2nd Mar, 2015 at 5:24pmm

    On a Thursday morning pupils of sacred heart were going to school. When the y5 pupils got into their class, it was wrecked. They found goo on the chairs and on the table. There were chairs overturned and on the tables. Their teacher Mrs Barret told them what happened before school. People in younger classes were getting strange messages! Also two days ago, a rocket crashed and we found some eggs which were taken to a laboratory! I think they were looking for the eggs. How would you feel if someone took your children?

  • Ryan 1
    1st Mar, 2015 at 8:25pmm

    I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the year 5 classroom. All the chairs were everywhere and everyone’s trays were on the floor, with everything that was in them all over the place. There was alien goo on some of the chairs and in some of the trays. When everyone was in the classroom we all had to pick our trays up, and put them back in the tables. The aliens that did this must have been looking for something. I think they were looking for the orb like shapes. They could have been eggs.

    • Miguel
      8th Mar, 2015 at 6:24pmm

      Oops! it was Miguel, forgot too change the name.

  • Harry 1
    1st Mar, 2015 at 6:06pmm

    One terrible night at Sacred Heart, aliens invaded our classroom. Trays were tipped over, chairs had been thrown onto the table and cushions had been thrown on the ceiling! The strange thing was that the R.E display hadn’t been trashed, these aliens must have been Christians! Also, the church hadn’t been touched, this proves that aliens can also be religious! Another thing is the work displays hadn’t been knocked over. This means these aliens are religious and educational. These green human-like things are perfect. (forgetting about the classroom trashing part!)

    • Mrs Barrett
      1st Mar, 2015 at 8:06pmm

      Very mysterious Harry!

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