100 word challenge  5th January

  • 5th Jan, 2016 at 1:14pm

Describe what you can see.


  • Millie
    11th Jan, 2016 at 1:47pmm

    To me this looks like a solid waterfall, icy, chilly, hard, slippery and sparkly! The icy waters are creeping down the sharp rocks, plunging into the icy cold waters below. The frozen waters sparkle like a diamond in the sunlight! There are people looking at this work of nature, they have never seen this before. This would be a brilliant photo to take in person, how amazing!

  • billy
    10th Jan, 2016 at 10:34pmm

    I can see the icy, frozen waterfall in the enclosed, rocky canyon. I can see little pictures of humans dancing on the steep majestic slopes. I can see the contours of the rocks and different shades from the reflective light off the icy water. I can see the darkness where the light cannot go. I can see the dusty stones where the river has not flowed on it. Although I cannot see the sun, I know it is there, by the way the light reflects upon the frozen water and rocks. I think this image is magical.

  • Martha
    10th Jan, 2016 at 7:31pmm

    The water rushed down the lonely rocks instantly freezing on contact, creating a huge frozen ice sculpture. The brown colours of the rocks make me feel cold and miserable.
    The ice reminds me of an angel drifting in the air, the rocks also remind me of Chocolate Cake. The ice is Blue, cold and spikey and the rocks are hard and brown. The people gazed at the amazement of the water that had once whooshed down the rocks but now so cold it was turning it into ice creating Glacier effect. What a beautiful sight to see!!

  • Luke
    10th Jan, 2016 at 4:56pmm

    It was a very windy and bright day. The glacier moved as slow as a snail. The rocks were bumpy and slippery, and the mountain was gargantuan. The people felt amazed and frightened. They saw the glistening, blue ice and thought it was going to tumble down on them. They backed away a little bit but not too far. Then the glacier started to move and tumble down. It sounded rumbly like thunder. They speeded away like a bull and went back to their house. Once inside the house they felt safe, calm and happy.

  • Geoffrey
    10th Jan, 2016 at 3:35pmm

    One buetiful day, me and my friends went to this cool waterfall to go swimming. It was very sunny when we got hear . First we saw a ice cream truck so we ran there. After we got the cold ice cream and ate them,we got change behind diffrent rocks to get change. When we went In, it was nice and really cold. We got out Of the pool and went up the mountain to ride back down in the waterfall. Everybody went and splashed some water at are parents. Are parents told does to get change back to our clothes and it was time to go. Everybody got change and said bye and that was our fun day at the waterfall.

  • Caitlin
    10th Jan, 2016 at 11:35amm

    One sunny and shiney day a girl was walking by a hill side she was gazing at the lovely view. Along the way there was a shop called rocky bay. In the shop there was a little boat and I bought the boat because I wanted to get a closer look at the little waterfall. I was scared that something would happen if I wanted to go out into the water because I’d never been on a boat so hopein I wasn’t going to drown I brought the boat and was set off. But I didn’t spot the hole.I was in great danger because I don’t know how to swim. Then I suck. Suddenly I had the kourag to swim.looky,l arrived home.❤️

  • Joanie
    10th Jan, 2016 at 10:38amm

    A glacier is a river of ice. It moves so slowly that you can’t see it moving, but it is very powerful. During the ice age there were glaciers in this country, and they created many valleys.

    In the picture the glacier looks like blue foam pouring down a mountain towards a lake. There are people watching and they are curious but also a bit frightened. It looks like a huge wave is coming, but it doesn’t move wildly like the sea. I would like to see a glacier, but you need to be careful and it would be very cold there.

  • Dylan
    10th Jan, 2016 at 10:31amm

    This glacier is a beautiful blue and white. It looks very fragile as if it’s suddenly going to collapse. The glacier is very big compared to the people. It must have been over ten houses tall! It looks like it has mini caves in it. At the bottom of the glacier, it looks like a light blue but at the top, it gets darker. Glaciers must be very wonderful to look at but at the same time very dangerous. On either side of the glacier, there are grey mountains, which in my opinion, is very odd.

  • Elizabeth
    10th Jan, 2016 at 10:31amm

    A glacier is an amazing mass of ice that covers a significant area of land. They are found near the north or south poles but also exist in high mountain ranges, for example the Andes and the Himalayas. The one pictured above appears to be within a mountain. You can see it’s wonderful crevasses which are big cracks upon the surface. It can take hundreds of years for a glacier to form. It grows from an accumulation of snow that doesn’t melt and accounts for approximately ten per cent of the worlds land area. It appears to be still but it’s weight results in it moving very slowly downhill. They are wonderful.

  • Ellysha
    10th Jan, 2016 at 9:09amm

    I see a rocky mountain with a river running down it but it looks very as though it as frozen it looks very cold were ever it is & I wouldn’t want to climb it.

  • Olivia`
    9th Jan, 2016 at 5:22pmm

    I can see a beautiful,amazing,turquoise,bluey waterfall that leads down to a river.The river is in between some rocks that have long,tall,big brown plants on them.The waterfall looks like it is down a ditch because the rock’s go six feet deep.You could probably climb on the rocks so you could get down to the beautiful,magical,amazing,majestic waterfall.You might see different species of fish in the river.If you are lucky you might even see some cool rare fish.There are some little rocks but quite a lot of big ones.

  • Jessica
    9th Jan, 2016 at 4:00pmm

    This is a glacier, a frozen river of ice. It is usually found in cold mountain range’s. They are cool to see but if you hugged it for a picture you would have to have all your winter woolies on. A glacier is so heavy that it is slowly moving with its own weight. It is about a kilometre wide. Glaciers slowly grind the valley floor as it moves very slowly down the hillside towards the sea.

  • Kayden
    9th Jan, 2016 at 1:49pmm

    One day I was standing on a cliff when suddenly a load of snow went just past my feet like a waterfall made of snow so I went to check it out when suddenly something flip me on my back.Suddenly I felt myself sliding down the snow .I closed my eyes in fear I opened them and saw some water I couldn’t swim so I grabbed hold of the edge. Scared, frightened, confused,I saw a man walk passed so I shouted help would I make it out alive…

  • Alister
    8th Jan, 2016 at 7:57pmm

    This picture is taken in a very cold place. In this picture there is a glacier which is water that went down a huge hill but it was so cold it froze before it could hit the bottom. The ice is bumpy and it has holes in it, though it is hard it actually looks soft, it reminds me of froth. There are rocks at the sides of the glacier, the left side is steeper than the right side. The rocks are black and brown in colour. I can see people at the bottom of the ice and the ice looks huge compared to them.

  • Lily
    8th Jan, 2016 at 7:01pmm

    Words cannot describe the beauty of this picture. I can see a frozen mountain glacier. It looks amazing, almost crystal clear in appearance. The daylight upon the glacier glistens and the thick ice sparkles and appears very bright. It could be described as almost blinding when it catches your eye. I also can see glossy rocks as shiny as silver. The freezing water appears calm, shimmering in the light. The glacier is made up of fallen snow that over many years compresses into large thickened ice masses. Groups of people are stood at the edge of the glacier admiring the majestic sight.

  • Joseph
    7th Jan, 2016 at 4:34pmm

    I can see a river of ice, it’s called a glacier. Compared to the people the glacier is 1000000 times bigger! The glacier flows steeply and slowly down the valley into the ocean. The glacier is blue and white (just like Wednesday m) and has a tinge of purple in it. The surface of it is jagged and pointy, and very sharp. There may be cracks and crevasses. The rocks from the mountains fall on to the glacier to make dirty patches all over it. In the water I can see a big lump of ice from the glacier. This is a glacier!

  • Bitania
    6th Jan, 2016 at 5:38pmm

    The frozen ice ,stuck but not nice, and the river below is still to flow. Ice cold leaves that is going to freeze,and the people there will say “IT’S NOT FAIR! Everybody misses the glistening sun,as if it was the most beautiful flower that faded away. The ice is as pointy as the sharpest knife,but as soft as a fury rabbit.The rocks are as rough as an elephant skin…


  • Summer
    6th Jan, 2016 at 5:29pmm

    One cold and icy day me and my family went on a walk over lots snowy mountains.
    I asked my mum if I could bring some of my friends. Then we set of walking. Me and my friends chose the best mountain we saw and it was called mount Everest.
    Then we set of up mount Everest. It took us about two hours to get to the top and down.
    Then we all went back home and had a nice drink of hot chocolate and snuggled up watching TV.
    Then my friends went back home to their family’s and went to bed.

  • Madison
    5th Jan, 2016 at 8:05pmm

    Far,far away in Canada there was a big waterfall. It was surrounded by lots and lots of beautiful daisies but then one day the bad Jack Frost sent a ice breathing dragon to freeze the whole of Canada because he wanted to live there. As the dragon flew to Canada he thought of how selfish Jack Frost was being. Although the dragon thought that it didn’t want to get kicked out of the palace. Soon the dragon came to a fast flowing waterfall and froze it. For some reason the water at the bottom didn’t freeze . In the end a fire breathing dragon saved Canada . The end

  • James
    5th Jan, 2016 at 7:52pmm

    I can see in detail a cold, icy, frozen glacier in a middle of a rocky, hard compounded, dangerous mountain. At the bottom of the glacier was a river filled with tons of water flowing peacefully in a way that reminds them the sign of peace. Beside the glacier was some messy, sandy dirt combined with hard-compacted rocks mixing about.

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