100 word challenge 7th December

  • 7th Dec, 2015 at 8:26am

Can you tell the story of this kangaroo in a flood? This could be the beginning of the story, or the end.



  • Dylan
    16th Dec, 2015 at 4:33pmm

    I woke up on a tiny island with no food, drink or resources. I must have fallen asleep on the beach, but when I woke up, the tide must have come in! Suddenly, I saw a boat on the horizon not far. I shouted as loud as I could and eventually, the boat came over to me. I felt like shouting out loud with glee. I jumped onto the boat and the man set sail for land.

    What felt like hours later, I skipped merrily back to my home. I could not wait to tell my friends what just happened!

  • Millie
    15th Dec, 2015 at 7:48pmm

    Oh no it couldn’t be poor Kanga stuck in the flood. She was on her way home from looking for food for her little boy Roo. She found herself lost and stranded on a pile of rocks and earth. Frightened and alone she sat thinking of how she could escape the flood waters. Thinking of poor Roo he would be sat waiting for her to come home, hungry and scared just waiting and waiting Perhaps she could jump in, but no that wouldn’t be a good idea as she cant swim. Maybe a boat would pass by and she could jump aboard, no I don’t think the humans would like that. What will she do? Will the waters raise any higher? Help!!!!

  • billy
    13th Dec, 2015 at 10:32pmm

    Hello there, my name is Bob and where I live has been struck by a mighty flood. I’m currently standing on a pile of twigs, but I wont be in a few minutes! Now let me tell you how this begsn. I was out in the open, playong snd searching, when I realised that I had separated from my pack. I shouted ” Hello!” but there was no answer. Suddenly, I saw something shadowing the area, it was a humongous hare! I ran and ran, as fast as I could but I had no chance. Then I found these leaves, and ive been here since..
    Part 2:
    Tired, cold, I scavenged for food. The flood wasnt showing any signs of disappearing. I worked my way around my tiny platform, digging and searching for food. As I picked up a bit of rotten flesh, I felt like I was going to die. The sticks werent going to last much longer and the water was making me woozy. I endevoured to carry on, but the water was very cold. “Why?” I shouted “Why?”
    I knew this christmas wasnt going to be good. Everyone else had died. I watched and thought, is there any hope..

  • James
    13th Dec, 2015 at 8:26pmm

    One day there was a brown, cute, fluffy, kangaroo called Ernie bouncing in a wild, adventureous, forest that is near a winding, floating, flowing, river. He was still bouncing until a upcoming storm ruined his day for bouncing in the forest in the sunny day. But then a voice came out “Ernie!” It was his mother shouting at the distance to force Ernie to come in for safety. Ernie shouted back “I can’t mummy the heavy storm is creating a flood!” Unfortunely, Ernie was swept away by the terrifing, horrifing flood but there was only one way for help. He screamed at his mother” Help!” Unluckily, his mother can’t hear him at all. Luckily, Ernie found a little island to keep him safely however he was stranded. What can he do now?……………

  • Joanie
    13th Dec, 2015 at 6:43pmm

    There was once a kangaroo who lived by a river. One night he fell into a very deep sleep. When he woke up he couldn’t believe the sight. He was on a tiny island, surrounded by water. It was everywhere. He felt worried and he wished he could bounce away. He waited for hours, but nobody came to help. He was hungry, tired and lonely. What was he going to do? How was he going to find help? He was so tired that once again he fell into a deep sleep. He woke and heard his friends. It was all just a dream! He made a vow not to eat cheese at night.

  • Sarah
    12th Dec, 2015 at 5:31pmm

    In the middle of the outback, where no one dare goes, Hetty the kangaroo was relaxing in the blazing summer sun. Out of nowhere came Terry, her best friend. Then Terry explained ”Wise, old bear told me that there going to be a flood.” ”Ha, ha, ha, a flood in the outback, I don’t think so!” Hetty laughed back. Giving up he walked away, leaving Hetty giggling. The next day it sated to rain really heavily. ”Oh no, maybe Terry was right” she thought to herself. The day after the same happened. Hetty started to panic! Would she be able to find a place to keep her safe?

  • Elizabeth
    12th Dec, 2015 at 5:20pmm

    The kangaroo bounced through the vast, remote forest somewhere in Australia. Leaves and twigs cracked under his feet as he made his way along. The forest was dry and dusty with trees scorched by the blazing heat of the sun. Australia was in the grips of a drought. The kangaroo was on a quest looking for water. This could be his last journey for if he did not drink soon he would die. After five days of travel the kangaroo came to a clearing in the trees. In front of him stretched a vast lake its surface smooth as glass. All was quiet around the lake. Abandoning all sense of caution the kangaroo leaped forward. He stuck his head in the cool water and gulped down the precious liquid as fast as he could. Suddenly the water in front of him exploded like a volcanic eruption. An enormous crocodile emerged from the lake. It snatched the kangaroo in its jaws and dragged him into the lake. Soon the surface of the lake returned to stillness and silence enveloped the forest again.

  • Lily
    10th Dec, 2015 at 7:15pmm

    There was a Kangaroo who lived in the rainforest. This Kangaroo was very cute and friendly. One day there was a big flood. The Kangaroo’s family were washed away in the flood. The Kangaroo began searching for his family. When he was searching he got very hungry. While searching for food he saw a animal named Frog. Frog asked, “Do you need help finding your family?” Kangaroo said, “Yes, I do.” Frog said, “Go right, then go left. The Kangaroo followed the directions and finally found his family. The Kangaroo and his family then returned to the rainforest.

  • Madison
    8th Dec, 2015 at 7:27pmm

    In one of the hottest countries South America there lived a one of the most beautiful kangaroo.It was living on a big piece of land with lots of food and water and it was happy just the way it was . The only thing was that it had been raining for ages. Scared,anctious ,terrified the kangaroo was standing on a small peice of land with the rest covered in water.A rescue team had to save the kangaroo by drowning.

  • Joseph
    8th Dec, 2015 at 6:25pmm

    The speedy kangaroo hopped onto the fine mound of dirt, grass and mud. Suddenly this wonderful creature heard a very strange noise; it was water! I know that it isn’t strange to us but it would be for someone whose living in the middle of arid Australia! The water was getting closer than ever now; it was up to the edge of the island. The kangaroo was scared, as it tried to hide in the grass from the rushing water…

  • Summer
    8th Dec, 2015 at 6:29amm

    Joey the little kangaroo had decided to go and find his friends, it was a sunny day and he wanted to play.
    He set off towards the river, hoping to pass Billy on the way, so they could make plans, but after only a couple of minutes the sun went dark, covered by a big, black rain cloud.
    Another minute later rain started coming down hard, Joey thought he was at the river already, but then realised the rain had flooded the field & he was stuck.
    Not quite the adventure he planned to have, but as the sun came out again and the rain stopped, he started to think of his own plan to get back home.

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