100 word challenge 9th March

  • 8th Mar, 2015 at 2:20pm


What would this alien think of Earth?


  • Emily
    14th Mar, 2015 at 7:09pmm

    We hid. Hiding in the large box thing, we hid. We weren’t the only ones in the building, and the non-extra-terrestrials were scary. Scared, frightened, panicked, we held our breath as the earthlings walked past us. Slowly and cautiously, we tiptoed out of the box thing and headed towards our rocket. The more we walked, the more our legs illuminated. Looking around, our rocket was nowhere to be seen. Where had it gone? What had happened? If we hadn’t left it, if we hadn’t have crashed, if we had never left Mars, then we wouldn’t be searching for our rocket…
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  • Evan
    8th Mar, 2015 at 7:06pmm

    Pssst….the door on my UFO swiftly opened. I slowly stepped onto the hard, rough, rocky ground. I’d been dreaming about it for so long. I quickly ran over to the big black, white striped path I have researched about , they’re called roads!! I walked along….
    They were scary things. The Danger! Fear! I cowardly walked across the road, I saw a big creaky glass openy closey thing on the front of a big tower, I saw it said on a sign “McDonalds”, it is apparently where humans eat, I said “hello,” to one they screamed and ran away quickly.

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