100 word challenge March 16th 

  • 16th Mar, 2015 at 11:02pm

It was time to blast off for a day out for the zoo animals. Where would they go? Who was in charge?



  • Jack
    23rd Mar, 2015 at 10:02pmm

    One lovely day in Doncaster wildlife life park all the animals became bored the Monkey said “I’am too hot” then the girafe said ” I need a bath” Then one little mouse said “why don’t we go to the moon?”
    Then all of the animals at Doncaster Zoo all shouted “Lets go” So that night the animals crept out of the Zoo and went to find a rocket. They got ready and off they went, all the animals could see all the planets, Saturn, moon and Mars. After all the star gazing the animals had to go home, and they all went to bed.

  • Tynesha
    22nd Mar, 2015 at 6:29pmm

    The animals were villains and they wanted to steal a cake so they finally got to the cake shop and saw the cake and said that’s a bit too small for our plan! The plan was to put boosters on the cake and fly out of this world! So they dressed up as a lady and asked for a bigger cake that 20 animals could fit inside. Then they would never be able to run out of food again. So the Baker actually did that, then he sneaked off and put the boosters onto the cake so they could fly out of world out of this world and the elephant would be in total control!

  • Zac
    22nd Mar, 2015 at 12:45pmm

    Fred the elephant and his zoo friends went on a bus and went to the middle of nowhere.
    When they got there they went over a hill and they found something that looked like a space ship and they all said let’s have a party on the sun! So they could enjoy themselves and relax there they got loads of volley ball, volley ball nets and sun beds. They tried to start the space ship, but it had no fuel. So, they went to the petrol station, and then they were off to the sun.

  • Luke Y4
    22nd Mar, 2015 at 12:16pmm

    It was time to blast off for a day out for the zoo animals. Where would they go? Who was in charge?
    The Zoo Keeper was in charge and he decided it was time for the animals to have a day out of this world. There were lots of animals squashed in to the little red and white space ship as they were thrust deep into outer space. As the space ship shot further and further into the dark, black atmosphere, the monkey felt petrified and the lion thought it was not a good idea. He was the smart one! The enormous elephant and the slithery, slimy snake had the best view of the bright stars and creators of the moon. They thought it was astonishing. They went further into outer space not knowing where they were going and how would they get back to the safety of the zoo.

  • Laurie
    22nd Mar, 2015 at 9:54amm

    What is that flying in the sky?

    The zoo animals were all asleep except eleven animals that were ready to fly to space. There was an elephant, giraffe, lion, bear, zebra, kangaroo, octopus, snake, ostrich, and rhino. One night they crept past the workers, got in the rocket and set off into space, but they did not realise a worker was driving the rocket. The worker knew the animals could talk. The rocket turned upside down, then went back down to Earth. Then the animals realised the worker was driving the rocket. When they were back on Earth all the animals were put back in their cages.

  • Adam
    22nd Mar, 2015 at 9:50amm

    Once in the heart of the country there was a zoo full of animals. They were bored of being looked at all day. So they got a job at NASA. They were sent on a mission from NASA to land on all the planets and collect dust. Lots of dust from the move went back to Nasa and they handed all the dust in. They became famous and had lots more missions in space to do like one time they had to collect ice from Uranus and Neptune and collect solid lava from the red planet Mars. THE END

  • Cicely
    21st Mar, 2015 at 4:40pmm

    The animals were ready for the launch of their trip to the new planet called Peculiar. That was because the planet was very strange indeed.
    When the animals landed, what a sight it was. There were hares that were as slow as snails, snails as fast as hares. Also there were cats barking and dogs meowing. Brothers and sisters were getting on together! In schools, teachers were sitting in the pupils’ chairs drinking water and the pupils were teaching, and drinking coffee and tea. All of these things are crazy but the most important thing was that the cow WASN’T jumping over the moon!
    When the animals got home it was exactly the same as the peculiar planet! “Oh no! It’s the invasion of strangeness!” Polly the elephant shouted.

  • harry
    21st Mar, 2015 at 11:01amm

    The zoo animals travelled far and wide and out of reach. But in some other place was an evil alien called Hexor the alien king. Hexor was fierce he did what he wanted! He was bad. He destroyed planets, hurt other aliens and took over other galaxies. The zoo animals reached the planet. Suddenly the planet exploded! The zoo animals jumped out of their skin! One of the cheetahs was not a tiny bit afraid. He just sat there not moving a bit. Then they saw a battle ship. They knew it was Hexor so they shot him down.

  • Harry H
    21st Mar, 2015 at 10:03amm

    It was time for a blast off for a day out for the zoo animals. “Where are we going?” asked Gretel giraffe. “What about the Moon.” Said Leo lion. “No, what about Mars!” said Ollie octopus excitedly. “I think Saturn actually.” Said Olin ostrich angrily. “No, Mercury.” Disagreed Ben bear. “I agree on the Moon.” Agreed Ellie elephant (Who was in charge). “Why?” asked Mike the monkey. “Well, the other planets are too hot or too cold.” Said Ellie elephant. “Oh yeah.” said Rocky rhino. “now I remember” said Zippity zebra. “ go then!” said Kate kangaroo and Sid snake together…

  • Eoghan
    21st Mar, 2015 at 8:49amm

    One morning Captain Mouse got all the animals to get on the ship. “ We are going to go on an adventure!” Captain Mouse said, so all the animals got on the space craft and flew from Mars all the way to Fudge Land. In Fudge Land, they found lots of ice so they got their shoes and looked around and found lots of bears huddled around the fire…….suddenly boom! A big volcano erupted and the lava poured down towards the space ship, so all the animals ran back to the space ship, then the bears followed them home.

  • Jacintha
    18th Mar, 2015 at 7:54pmm

    It was time for the zoo animals to have a day off from their zoo school. Everyone, including the teachers were very excited because they had found a proper rocket lying on the pavement outside their school. They took it and examined it for any damages and cracks but there wasn’t any. After that,they painted it and decorated the rocket beautifully. They already had everything ready for the blasting off and flying so, they got comfy in their nice,comfortable feathery seats. The teacher pulled the lever creak. Did they blast off or not? Read on to find out.

    • Mrs Rafferty
      23rd Mar, 2015 at 9:51amm

      I can’t wait to find out!

  • cameron
    18th Mar, 2015 at 4:50pmm

    It was time to blast off for a day out for the zoo animals. Where would they go? Who was in charge? The people in charge were the elephant and the snake. The snake was the coolest out of them all and the elephant was the strongest. The elephant and the snake went out of the space ship with a space helmet type of thing to keep them selves safe from there surroundings and from other things.

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