100 Word Challenge March 3rd 2015

  • 3rd Mar, 2015 at 6:02pm

The aliens repaired their spacecraft and returned home….



  • Jacintha
    9th Mar, 2015 at 6:41pmm

    As soon as I got to School the next day, I saw 3 aliens holding the front gates for us! When I went to take a closer look at them, the bell rang and I had to go inside. But at my 1st playtime, something really strange happened to me. I went to all of the aliens and asked them their names. The cutest one said “I am called Jayiayi.” Then another one whispered “I am Joyioy.” The youngest, who didn’t feel comfortable like the others, said “Jeyoioi.” The next day, our teacher told us that the aliens had left.

  • Tynesha
    8th Mar, 2015 at 8:18pmm

    The aliens repaired their spaceship and returned home……When the aliens were at Sacred Heart School, they had a fun adventure and left their prints all over the school and also messed up the classrooms. All the children wanted to meet the aliens but they couldn’t find any of them. Perhaps the aliens disguised themselves as teachers and taught us all in class. If they were the teachers, then where did our real teachers go? Oh no, have our real teachers gone in the spaceship instead of the aliens? I think all the children need to check the teachers and make sure they are real and not from another planet…………we want our real teachers back!!!

  • Luke Y4
    8th Mar, 2015 at 4:29pmm

    The aliens repaired their space craft and returned home. The aliens had taken with them some things from Earth and were telling all their family and friends about their adventure.
    They had taken a football and were teaching everyone to play football. The aliens could not believe how much fun it was to kick a ball and they all rolled around on the dusty gas planet with joy and laughter.
    They had taken sweets and chocolate but were unsure whether they liked it when they put it on their green slimy tongue. “Mmmmmm, maybe we should try a hot dog next time we go to Earth” said the Captain.

  • Harry
    8th Mar, 2015 at 4:15pmm

    The aliens repaired their spacecraft and returned home. The planet cheered as Jimmy came home. Suddenly a mammoth sized millipede sprang up from the ground. Everybody ran in fear. Some sheltered, others ran and shouted. One person even dared the millipede to a battle! “You want a piece of me!” he said in rage. Somehow he managed to pull out a sword from his tummy!!! He fought the mindless millipede for 9 hours. Out in the distance a strange alien came out of nowhere. “I’m sorry” he said as the millipede picked him up, “but he is really, really hungry!”

  • Laurie
    8th Mar, 2015 at 2:03pmm

    Aliens on earth!
    I saw aliens in the park playing on the swings, so I kept my eye on them for one minute, and then suddenly they were gone. I went up to the sweet shop still thinking about those aliens. They were right in front of me. The aliens had bought lots of sweets. I was walking home and at the corner of my eye the aliens went into the scrap pit and got all the resources needed for something. The aliens ran to some builders and asked them to build their rocket and the builders did and the aliens went home.

  • Eoghan
    8th Mar, 2015 at 12:31pmm

    I was just about to jump into hyperspace when a rock hit my ship and sent me off course. When I woke up I found myself in an asteroid field, “oh no I thought”! I decided to take manual control of the ship and I navigated myself though the asteroids but then right in front of me was a giant space worm. I distracted it with my blaster ray and dodged the worm’s mouth and flew right past it and there ahead was my planet. I zoomed as fast as I could to my planet’s spaceport, home at last!

  • Isobel
    8th Mar, 2015 at 12:30pmm

    The aliens had fixed their spacecraft and had nearly returned home. Until one little alien spotted something. So he went to the master and said “Sir, we have left the space museum in a mess and I don’t think they’re happy.” As the alien spoke, the owner of the space museum started heading towards the spacecraft. “Run!”said the master as the owner ran towards them nearly grabbing the foot of the little alien.”They got away this time but not next time.” Said the angry owner.

  • Katie
    8th Mar, 2015 at 10:20amm

    “The aliens repaired their spacecraft and returned what they call home” explained the news reporter.
    “Has this ever happened before?” I said
    “Well, going back a few hundred years… There was a rain storm but it was a very unusual one that was green and the shape of people…”
    “What happened next?” I asked
    “The green rain wasn’t turning into big puddles, it started to move on the ground like insects. Scientists thought they were aliens.” The news reporter said “Did people die?” I was the only person that seemed to be asking questions. “About four – a lot of the others were in comas”

  • Harry H
    7th Mar, 2015 at 12:36pmm

    The aliens repaired the spaceship (with the help of Y4) and returned home safely. “It’s a shame that we didn’t get to our destination,” said alien one, “but at least we got back home.”
    “Yeah, it is a shame.” Said alien two.
    “Hey, I just thought of an idea!” said alien one.
    “What is it?” asked alien two.
    “Well, how about if we build a spaceship and try to get to our destination again?”
    “Yeah!” agreed alien two. So they got to work. Finally, the spaceship was finished and they where in space. “We’re running out of fuel alien two!”…

  • Grace
    6th Mar, 2015 at 7:52pmm

    This morning my friend Megan told me that she found a crash landed spaceship in her back garden. She said she found some alien goo too.
    At first I didn’t believe her, but that was only until she showed me a photo of the space ship! I was horrified! “We must go and examine it!” I said.
    “No we can’t!” said Megan sharply. I asked her why, but she wouldn’t say. (Maybe it was because she didn’t even find a crash landed alien spacecraft in her back yard after all.)
    Soon Megan’s Mum came to pick her up. I never found out.

  • cameron
    5th Mar, 2015 at 6:01pmm

    The aliens repaired their space craft and returned home eventually, after 4 days of running the school. The first day they came and invaded our school. after that they left hand and foot prints every were. Meanwhile they came into school and trashed the whole school. Finally, they left their space rocket. The next day the aliens had gone back to space.

    On Wednesday the 27th of February the aliens left goo on the blackboard. We all had to Clean the horrible messy classroom. We think the aliens came because we were doing a space theme and everyone was scared.

    By Cameron

  • Cicely
    4th Mar, 2015 at 6:48pmm

    The aliens were excited to get home. They landed on Jupiter outside their house which was shaped like a shooting star. They walked into the house. It was very peculiar indeed. All the furniture was upside-down!
    Mr. Alien went to sit in his triangular shaped chair but he fell out banging his head on the ceiling! The three little aliens were thirsty after that long ride home. So, Mrs. Alien poured them all a drink but she spilt it in her hair! Back to Mr. Alien trying to get into his chair for the 2944’th time but still failing! Mr. Alien doesn’t like this upside down gravity!

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