100 Word Story- 20th November 2015

  • 20th Nov, 2015 at 1:43pm

As you know our anti-bullying pencils have had quite an adventure. Can you write their story of their journey here to school? 



  • Charlotte
    4th Jan, 2016 at 3:46pmm

    During the past week I have been very busy. My journey started thousands of miles away in America when I was unceremoniously shoved into a small box. We went across the huge ocean, it was like the longest rollercoaster except it was on the sea instead. Finally, we reached England even though we needed our new owners to pay for us to be shipped over to them. I was honoured that we were wanted as much as we were. After all that kerfuffle we reached our new owners. I‘ll finally get to be used like I’m meant to!

  • Tatum
    28th Nov, 2015 at 5:48pmm

    I wasn’t sure where I was but I knew that my relatives and I were heading to an airport, some place in America. As we shot across the Atlantic I felt very excited of what was to come. Would my new home be nice? Would I like it? Soon we reached England and then we were put in a van. After a bumpy journey we finally reached our stop. We entered a big building and were handed over to a lady. Tired, excited and nervous I looked up to see my new home. It was Sacred Heart School!

  • Ryan 1
    28th Nov, 2015 at 4:59pmm

    I was in a small, dark box with my friends and family when there was a giant thud; we had stopped. We were finally at the airport to be transported all the way to England, where we would be given out to some nice children. The journey all started when a woman called Mrs Roach tried to order some of us but we were all sold out. Finally she had found us. Unfortunately we were all the way over in America, so it took a couple of days for us to get there. When we did, I was given to a boy called Ryan.

  • Freddie
    27th Nov, 2015 at 5:47pmm

    The metal can holding me was very uncomfortable mostly because the amount of us in it is crazy. Why do humans not care about us? We are treated like we don’t even have a life but we do! If I was fifty times bigger I know exactly what I would do. The can we were in started to rattle a lot, then we landed with a big THUD! After a lot of rubbling the can was finally opened. I was taken out and chucked onto a table were I was yanked into somebody’s hand. I hate my life!

  • Georgia
    26th Nov, 2015 at 12:28pmm

    20th November 2015

    Dear diary I love being a pencil because younger children get to use me. But I feel better being a tree standing smart and strong. That was then this is now so yes but going in a draw all night is the worst about being a pencil. Sometimes being in a draw for 2 weeks -6weeks maybe more is horrible pulse getting sharpened I can’t name how it hurts.

    Dear diary it’s the 21st of November
    My lucky day not that day I get sharpened like I said pulse get lots of stickers thank you for reading

  • Ben
    26th Nov, 2015 at 12:22pmm

    In school we have been lerning about antie bulling we all had a chase to bye a pencil it says stop bullying loads of nise people are getting hurt and afeneded but somthing bad happend to talk talk they got hacked by two young boys they thought it was funny but they are very stupid they are nasty and if it happend to you wouldnt like it.

  • Ella
    25th Nov, 2015 at 7:59pmm

    These pencils have been almost everywhere at first we couldn’t order them,we had to order them all the way from Australia. When they got here in Great Britain Mrs Roach had to pay extra money for shipping . Then they got to school where they were handed out . So that’s the story of the pencil we now have.

  • harry2
    23rd Nov, 2015 at 10:09pmm

    This is an unusual story about a pencil and its mates from America.It started in Los Angeles as two lorries parked alongside of each other, one for rubbers and one for pencils. Luckily, they were in the right van, but it was the wrong airport. Although it was the right airport, the driver was stuck in a tremendous traffic jam. The driver was too late so he had to sleep on a wet bench until the aeroplane could deliver it to England. As another van set off, it dropped ten pencils, so there was a small delay. They had finally come!

  • Harry1
    22nd Nov, 2015 at 2:47pmm

    Dear diary,
    This has been the busiest week of my life. My jam packed week started of in a little box in America, I had no idea what was going to happen next but I wasn’t looking forward to it. A man took hold of me and lobbed me in a plane, he said
    “Ship this over to England would ya!”
    After hours of other pencils complaining, we arrived in Manchester where we were then thrown into a taxi which was asked to drive to Sheffield.
    “Meh” that’s what the ungrateful children said when they gained us!

  • Matthew
    22nd Nov, 2015 at 2:36pmm

    I’m a pencil. I have had an incredible adventure! I started at the east coast of America. I was shoved into a small cardboard box with my many siblings. The box was thrown into a small compartment. Then the ship was sailing out to sea. The waves pounded the ship making me roll around into many uncomfortable positions. Then the box was picked up and placed on solid ground! We had made it to England. Then we were moved to another box. The box was evidently in a car. The car made its way to a school called Sacred Heart.

  • Sara
    22nd Nov, 2015 at 2:26pmm

    Cachunk, dong, cachunk, dong, cachunk, dong. Flump. “Huh? What? Where am I?” These were my first thoughts as I rolled of the black, moving thing. As I tumbled through free space, I looked around. I was in a big chute that led to another black, moving thing. As I fell through the long tube I saw some other things that looked the same, until I looked at the wall and saw my reflection I realised we were all the same! Bang! We had landed on the moving thing. First we were shoved into see through packets. Then we were dropped into boxes. It turned very dark, and I was jostled around a lot. The next time I saw light there were many excited voices surrounding me. I was in a school….

  • Isabel
    22nd Nov, 2015 at 11:47amm

    I felt the bump as the lorry’s engine started. We were heading to Los Angeles airport, were I’d fly across the ocean to my new home, England! The journey seemed long and tiresome, but the thought of a holiday was completely different. As we finally reached the airport, I began to wonder if I’d ever return to America. We zoomed above the sea at incredible speeds, making my tummy back flip. The plane eventually landed. We had to travel some more in a lorry, until we parked up. This was it. We had arrived at my new home. A school?

  • Miguel
    21st Nov, 2015 at 9:51pmm

    I was waiting in a metal container with my friends, all differently designed. I heard a slightly inaudible voice. It was the voice of the stock manager! I have always wished of being in a clean home rather than this smelly dump! I knew my dream was going to come true when the metal doors flung open. Clang! It stopped immediately at the wall. We all rolled out like marbles rolling out of a jar. I suddenly stopped at a conveyor belt made of jet black, rough rubber. The conveyor belt a raging bull charging right at you. The conveyor unexpectedly sloped downwards into a big steel box, but it looked better on the inside. Much better than I’m used too! It had a polished, oak wood interior. It smelt like metal, rubber, oil, water… everything! At least, it’s not the smell of that odourful dump. A few minutes later, we hit a bump, we were sent flying into the air but we fell back down. That didn’t happen again for a long time. A few hours after we set off, we stopped. What was going on? The truck doors opened wide as a man took us and placed in a steel trailer. I tried not to breath or my lungs would collapse from the strong smell of deodorant and the lethal perfume in all its evilness. We were just about to leave the shores of America and welcome Britain, our new home (for some of us). We got rolled into the storage of the plane. Hours passed as we sat in the darkness. Sooner or later, we were pushed to the back of the plane. What was going on!? A few seconds later, we rolled back into the middle. We were pushed side to side until the plane made a sudden… STOP! A few minutes went… The back of the plane lifted up making an electronic motor sound. The men grabbed us and took into a trailer. They spoke the same language but weirdly. I’m guessing Britain is the same as America but their accent is different. They slowly rolled us to a place and made a stop. They phoned up someone. They said something about importing tax. He put his phone down and drove us to a big truck again, the same interior as the last one. This time the trip was quite smooth, in fact very smooth! Two hours later, we stopped. The men came out and took us out. We seemed to be going to a school. Good enough for me. We were handed to a lady, and then a big man came and took us up the blue carpeted stairs and placed into a wonderful Y6 Classroom. [453 Words]

    • Sara
      27th Nov, 2015 at 7:28pmm

      How many words do you need?! Good story anyway though.

  • Amber
    20th Nov, 2015 at 7:27pmm

    “What a journey we’ve had to reach the children of Sacred Heart School” It had all started when Mrs Roach tried to order us on line, but because we are very special pencils with a very important message to tell we had all sold out. Poor Mrs Roach searched and searched for us until eventually she found some of us living in America! We were ordered and set off on our long journey, crossing the Atlantic Ocean by aeroplane. (So exciting). Then we had an x Ray at the airport, just to check we were OK! The next stage of our journey was by van until we finally made it to our destination to spread our anti bullying message.

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