100 word story- 29th May 2015

  • 29th Apr, 2015 at 4:01pm


Ralph pondered on his dilemma. What should he do?


  • Laura
    4th May, 2015 at 8:15pmm

    Ralph was wondering if he should go to space with his friends. They would be the first monkeys to travel from Earth and it would be a great experience but he would lose his family as NASA had not taught him how to get back to Earth.
    The plus side was that he would be famous and his family proud of him, also there was a chance of getting in the Planet of the Apes film. But since he didn’t know how to get back home he would not be able to get the benefits. Oh what should he do?

  • James
    4th May, 2015 at 6:26pmm

    Ralph was a monkey. He liked climbing in trees and eating his tasty bananas.
    One day there was a great famine and no bananas left. Panicked, everyone ran around whacking things and breaking their fists on the hard trees. That night there was a storm in Ralph’s little monkey mind… “Oh wait” …. he thought. There really was a storm outside! But something strange was glowing in the trees. It was a large Spaceship landing and suddenly , Ralph saw the Spaceship said “Banana Express” on the side and he clambered in, looking for bananas inside. What he actually got was a whack on the head that left a big purple bruise. When he woke up he was astonished… it was banana heaven! bananas were everywhere and there was now one other monkey. It was his uncle Jeremy who recently went missing! They chatted a while and so overcome with happiness , they wandered away into the sunset.

  • Fintan
    4th May, 2015 at 6:14pmm

    This story is about an ape called Ralph. He loved bananas he always wished he could eat them but no-one ever gave him any. So he decided on a plan “ I am going to go to Morrisons at midnight to grab all the bananas” he thought out loud. Later that night at 12:01 am he crawled through the air vent and found the fruit section. He took all five boxes of bananas, he placed them in his banana rucksack and returned to the jungle. The next day in morrisons everyone was asking for bananas. The staff just kept scratching their heads.

  • Miguel
    4th May, 2015 at 4:38pmm

    Ralph, the animal lover, was fed up; his pets kept on going away. He has tried Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Ants, Gorillas and many more… He just wanted a pet that wouldn’t go away or be stepped on (The ant got stepped on!). He asked his friends what he should have as a pet. Many animals were mentioned, for example: Chimps, Dung Beetles, Rabbits, Cows, Pigs and Chickens… He had to choose one so he took his favourite animals and did a vote: Chimps, Bunnies or Teddy Bears. Bunnies and Teddy Bears got 27 votes each, so in the end he had them both.

  • harry2
    4th May, 2015 at 4:35pmm

    Once a wise monkey, called Ralph, sat still everyday and no one knew why. All the creatures thought that he was playing musical statues. One of the bears thought he was having a staring competition with a cloud. As night approached, Ralph dried his eyes up, like never before. Bravely and confused, Ronny the rabbit went over and asked if he wanted to play ball. Then there was a sudden silence throughout the Earth. Worried, scared and panicked, Ronny’s mum came and dragged Ronny home. What was going on?! It was a mystery of some kind….

  • Harry1
    4th May, 2015 at 4:11pmm

    Ralph was a monkey. A very curious monkey. Ralph always wondered why bananas were curved because if they were straight he would be able to fit it all in. It would be able to pop down his throat all at once. Ralph thought but he never came to a conclusion. Everybody watched Ralph think and they said it looked familiar, they said it looked like a piece of art ! One day an artist sat in front of Ralph and created a masterpiece,the thinker! So if you have ever wondered where the marvellous model came from you now know.

  • Seamus
    4th May, 2015 at 3:43pmm

    Ralph pondered over the problem he was faced with, wondering what to do. His family were astounded and disappointed at what he was he was thinking of doing. Should he stay in the forest or gallop off with the humans. Since the day he was brought into the ape tribe he had been blown over by the quality of human minds. All his life he would dream mindlessly that he was part of the human tribe and could live with technology by his side. Pondering day and night he thought about his decision and then reached his conclusion.

  • Ryan 1
    4th May, 2015 at 3:26pmm

    Ralph sat there thinking. Should he take the banana or not? Eventually, after eating 30 more bananas, he decided to take it. He didn’t eat it straight away though. He saved it for later, when all the other gorillas were asleep. After he ate that banana he went searching for more, but he couldn’t find any. Ralph thought it was the end of the world because there were no more bananas. Then his mum called him. It was time to get up. That’s when a relieved Ralph realised it was all just a dream. “Bananas for breakfast”, called his mum.

  • Lydia
    4th May, 2015 at 10:38amm

    One day Ralph was watching the news. He kept on hearing about how the world was running out of trees. This was a disaster! Ralph loved climbing trees, it was his favourite hobby. He had to do something. He thought hard. He couldn’t do anything but plant more trees. He went and planted them in the ground. He waited and waited. A little green stalk grew and grew to the size of a magazine. Then it stopped. Ralph pulled it out of the ground, it was a carrot! Ralph hated carrots. He had to face it, he had to give up…………….

  • Ella
    3rd May, 2015 at 2:27pmm

    As The Brown family came out of Adsa Ella, the oldest child, looked into the distance and saw a big dark figure was coming towards them . As the figure took its last step it said “ hi my name is Ralph where am I ? “ the brown family took a big step back all apart from one person Libby , Ella’s little sister , who quickly wrapped her arms around the cuddly animal . “ what are you doing here in Hillsborough . “ “ I escaped from the local zoo and I need to get back . “Do the brown family help Ralph?

  • Gino
    3rd May, 2015 at 10:34amm

    Ralph lived in the zoo with his friends. He was desperate to go free in the wild where he grew up. But also he loved his friends in the huge zoo. One day he woke up and the gate was accidently left open. he had a dilemma ,to go or not to go. He thought carefully if he stayed he could play with his friends but if he went he couldn’t play with his jungle friends or see his mum or dad. He looked ahead and decided to run for his life . Ralph was going to miss the zoo.

  • Tatum
    2nd May, 2015 at 5:14pmm

    What was Ralph going to do? He’d just received a message from Go Gorillaz saying that his audition was great and he was going to be in the show. But earlier on that day he had also received a letter from N.A.S.A saying they wanted him to be the first gorilla in space. For Ralph these were both lifetime opportunities and they were both on the same day. He had a think then he had an idea! Ralph had an identical twin brother. His brother could go on the show and he’ll go to N.A.S.A! So that’s what he did.

  • Ryan 2
    2nd May, 2015 at 11:53amm

    Ralph the monkey wanted bananas. He also wanted mangoes. He had to decide which one, because it was close to dinner time. He spent all of his time thinking, when he made a choice-rarest fruit. Ralph was still pondering which was rarest. Then his friend bob came. Bob helped him, but sadly they had to clean up their trees. They then came back and continued to research until… dinnertime came and he could not eat because it was bed time!

  • Sara
    30th Apr, 2015 at 5:37pmm

    Ralph sat watching the T.V., completely hooked on the Strictly Come Dancing programme he was watching. Several of the moves looked like he might be able to do them. Some of the dances even looked gorilla standard! After thinking for a long time he slowly stood up, wobbling slightly and began to dance. After lots of practice and convincing several friends the jungle version of Strictly began. As it had been Ralph’s idea he was to be the judge. There was a Giraffe Tango, several Baboon Cha cha’s and a Hippo Waltz! At the end everyone said: Keeeep dancing!

  • Shania
    30th Apr, 2015 at 3:53pmm

    Ralph did not know what to do should he have bananas or oranges.But he decided to have a vote he would have a vote on who thinks he should have bananas or oranges.He asked everybody he even asked the humans but they always ran away.And the bad news is he ended up with a draw. On the vote.so he said “what I’m I going to do now”.It was a real dilemma.In the end he ended up eating the banana and the orange.After the tasty meal he went back home. Ralph found out he was having banana cake and orange cake for tea.Silly Ralph

  • Amber
    30th Apr, 2015 at 3:30pmm

    On a hot morning in the African wilds, Ralph the gorilla looked up towards the tall trees where he could see his friend Sam sitting happily. As Ralph watched Sam he noticed that Sam was hiding something. Ralph was curious. While Ralph was pondering what to do next he saw that Sam had disappeared leaving a huge insect nest. Ralph was feeling hungry and was tempted to climb the tree and take Sam’s nest. What if Sam caught him? would it cause a fight? Oh decisions, decisions! thought Ralph, he hadn’t seen Sam sneaking up behind him offering the insects!

  • Charlotte
    30th Apr, 2015 at 3:30pmm

    Ralph was miserable. He hated the season when bananas weren’t ripe. He didn’t like nuts or ants. During the banana season chimps collect as many bananas as they can. Ralf picked a good amount but got too greedy and ate them all because he loves them too much! He hadn’t had bananas in months! He thought about stealing bananas from his friends who save their bananas. Should he steal or think of something else? He took one but felt guilty. He told his friends what he had done. Now he saves his bananas. But it doesn’t always go to plan!

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