100 Word Story- week 3

  • 20th Jun, 2015 at 9:09am

We are going camping! What adventures are we going to have? 


  • Seamus
    28th Jun, 2015 at 2:10pmm

    One hot summers day and Josh woke up rather agitated because the General Election had taken place and the party he voted for did not win.”At least it can’t get any worse,”he said to himself as he opened the blinds and to his horror the government had made his back garden a campsite. Naturally he did what any angry man would do, he picked up his shot gun and shot one of the tents. Josh was soon in jail after that and if he knew what the government were doing he would be glad of it.

  • Declan
    28th Jun, 2015 at 12:19pmm

    It was a perfect day for the Piglies to go on a camping trip, so they got in there van and travelled to long meadow campsite. When they got there it was more beautiful than they thought. There were activities, there was a special place to set up there tent and there were benches when they were going to have lunch. It was a perfect place, the Piglies knew they couldn’t spend to much because they had already spent £173 preparing and booking this trip. The first thing they did was set up their tent, then they had lunch and finally they did some activities. After the two nights they went home.

  • Ryan 1
    21st Jun, 2015 at 7:24pmm

    One day a family decided to go camping. They loved it, but this trip was a very different trip. The family got there at about 10:00pm, they set up their tent and went to bed. In the morning the dad went outside but there was nothing there. Suddenly he heard a bang. He turned around but all he could see was smoke. Everything was gone. When he went to bed it all reappeared. His tent, caravan and car was all back and so were everyone else’s. When he woke up he realised it was all a dream.

  • matthew
    21st Jun, 2015 at 7:21pmm

    Today I was going camping. Last time had been great! As we set of I was thinking about what I could do when we got there. As my parents set up the tent, I went of to explore the campsite. Climbing a tree I heard a slight buzz to my right. However there were no bees nearby! Looking up I heard a rustle in the trees. Feeling curious I began to climb higher. As my head broke through the top leaves looking around I saw nothing! As I climbed down my head was hurting for some reason!

  • Madelaine
    21st Jun, 2015 at 5:58pmm

    It was a glorious day so the Brooke family decided to go camping. They packed everything they needed including a yummy picnic for later. When they were ready the set of for a camping adventure. On the way they saw lots of sheep covering the green hills like a sky of clouds. They also saw horses galloping up and down from fence to fence.later on they aprotched a forest with a sign that said camping site 10 miles ahead. Once they were there they hat to choose a tent. Which one could it be.

  • Laura
    21st Jun, 2015 at 5:53pmm

    We finally got to the best campsite in the world. We started to settle in by making the tent up and ready, and by blowing up the beds. As time went past it got darker and darker and so we decided to make a fire. As the stars came out they started to move around, then suddenly they got closer and closer to us.
    They were mini space ships with sharks inside, with one eye, sharp teeth, lizard skin and paws. The ships tried to attack us and quick as afflict they got us. We were sent up to a massive ship with people in of all different colours they started to like us and gave us stuff and food finishing off with a party to celebrate us coming to them.

  • Tatum
    21st Jun, 2015 at 1:10pmm

    On a warm summer’s day the Brown family woke up in their tents. They were camping in Cornwall and today was their first day. The sunny morning passed quickly and soon it was lunch time. Whilst his parents stayed near the tent Jack went out to get more sticks for the fire they were cooking lunch on. Soon, Jack was in the forest not far from his tent, he suddenly tripped. He fell down a deep hole in the forest floor. After a while, he had reached the bottom and looked around. He was back home in Sheffield! But how?……….

  • Lydia
    21st Jun, 2015 at 1:01pmm

    We went camping to the best place ever! It was called The Mr One. On the first night we were sleeping like logs! We all woke up on the right side of our beds. Then I noticed, my phone had disappeared! My dad’s magazine had gone as well! My mum lost her hairdryer! Shockhorror! I went to get ready so that I could investigate further. I walked into the bathroom to see all our stuff but my dad’s magazine was all ripped up! My sister had been sleepwalking! To this day she is still saving up for a new magazine!

  • Harry1
    21st Jun, 2015 at 12:19pmm

    The Summer holidays came quick and went quick, but I had a really good time! I went to fantastic France with my fantastic family, we spent the first night in Brittany, the second in Paris and the third in Monaco. While we were in Brittany it rained through the night and that next night so we just stayed in the tent. The next day we arrived in Paris where we had a much better day we ate frogs legs (very tasty). On the last day I watched a football match Monaco v PSG. (Monaco won 2-1) France rocks

  • James
    21st Jun, 2015 at 11:02amm

    It was a sunny morning as a family hustled around, packing bags. They had decided to go camping last night, though the father didn’t seem particularly happy. When they had arrived they were amazed! There was an arcade, a swimming pool and even a rollercoaster! Later, the children decided to go rock climbing. They found a cave that hadn’t been used for 1000s of years! As they climbed inside they saw the greatest thing they had ever seen…crystals….thousands of crystals…There was amethyst, ruby, emerald, even some topaz! To this day they have never told anyone. If I had had a camera, you would understand.

  • Sara
    21st Jun, 2015 at 10:56amm

    “Are we there yet?”
    “Yes. Nearly. Now shut up and let dad concentrate!”
    The Ape family were going camping in France. Sadly, the two children were not accustomed to traveling and one of them had been travel sick.
    When they were finally at the campsite a large Fokker triplane came into view.
    “Oh, cool!” “Can we ride that?” The youngest child exclaimed.
    “No. Definitely not. You’ll fall out and hurt yourself.”
    After having signed in and put up the tent it was announced that a flying show was to be given in the triplane. It was amazing! As was the rest of the holiday.

  • Charlotte
    21st Jun, 2015 at 10:43amm

    It was the day of the camping trip and the teacher called the register. Everyone had their own tent so off they went. Happy, excited and joyful, everyone sang on the coach until they reached the camping site. They were the only people there so they made the use of space. A few people went out to pick some berries while the others had a race. On your marks, get set go! All the children raced from the finish line and in just a few seconds they were at the end. They all sat down for a well-deserved supper!

  • callum
    21st Jun, 2015 at 10:19amm

    My dad was saying we are going, camping I didn’t know where we was going, my dad said it was a surprise. So I was really looking forward to going camping. I said to my dad are we nearly there yet. My dad said five minutes Callum yay I said, we are finally there mum dad and Liam say good bye. I meet all of my friends that I made last year (at camp) me and my friends go and play football next to the park then it is time to get supper. now we have to get our pyjamas on and get ready for bed now we are in bed and it is dark we hear, a strange noise then we hear the tent unzipping. we see a strange thing with red gleaming eyes it says go home then runs away…

  • Amber
    20th Jun, 2015 at 7:10pmm

    This summer holidays our parents said we could go camping again to the same place we went last year. We couldn’t wait, last year was brilliant. As we arrived the campsite looked very different. It was almost empty apart from one tent that seemed to have been abandoned. That evening we all settled around the camp fire and were chatting and laughing when we saw bright lights flickering around. We all looked up to see a huge circle of lights hovering above us. ” Wow ” said dad as we all huddled together and watched the lights spinning towards us. It was aliens!

  • Miguel
    20th Jun, 2015 at 10:49amm

    The family decided to go on a camping trip. They came to the site and set up their tent. The first night passed, nothing unusual happened. The second night passed, same again. But the third night was mysterious. In the morning they looked in the cupboard for some bacon and bread for breakfast, but nothing was there, not even the plates! They looked outside all the tents and vans were gone as well! They looked around in the van and looked back outside. There were monkeys. Looked around again and looked out, tents again! Looked in the cupboard, the breakfast appeared! It really had been a mysterious day.

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