100 Word Story…..week 4

  • 17th May, 2015 at 7:13pm

The working week begins again in the Rivelin Valley. George and Arthur head to their workshop…


  • Amber
    4th Jun, 2015 at 8:14pmm

    George and Arthur awoke early on a bright, sunny Monday morning. They had arranged to meet at the Malin Bridge cafe at 8 am to walk to work together as they did everyday. It was quite a long walk to their workshops along the winding Rivelin Valley Road, but on a beautiful morning it was a lovely peaceful walk with the birds singing and the new little lambs playing in the fields. Today was different and as George and Arthur came around the bend they saw a lamb on the road looking frightened, so they quickly returned it to it’s waiting mum.

  • Sara
    2nd Jun, 2015 at 4:55pmm

    Thanks Mrs B!

  • Ryan 1
    1st Jun, 2015 at 6:24pmm

    George and Arthur worked at Mousehole Forge. They had a long trek to get there. They were very poor and got shouted at a lot. Although they enjoyed their job, they wished they had a different one. They started work at 5:00am and finished at 10:30pm. When they finished they had to walk all the way home. On the way home they found some iron on the floor. But there wasn’t just a bit, there was a whole mine of it under them. They collected it and sold it. They immediately became rich. They quit their jobs and lived happy lives with their families.

  • harry2
    31st May, 2015 at 9:49pmm

    We headed to the new, but old looking workshop. We jumped over the river, where it was narrow. George got to the workshop first this week.
    George said ” I wonder if we will get better wages this week?” “I hope so” I said. We walked through the battered and cracked door and got things working after they were left last night. The smoke came out of the chimney, the waterwheel turned round. It was a hard days work, but we had to do it to earn the money. At the end of the day, we got three silver coins.

  • Harry1
    31st May, 2015 at 5:19pmm

    George and Arthur were both loyal workers at the Mousehole forge. Every day George and Arthur walked to Rivelin valley to earn their daily wage at the Mousehole forge. It was the same old boring day until now! On their way to work they found a grinding wheel (which was used for making cutlery) so, they armed themselves with steel and began to grind. During the fun of this they forgot all about going to work. The next day the manager wasn’t happy with the two of them and gave them the sack! Tough wasn’t it!

  • Lydia
    31st May, 2015 at 2:56pmm

    “Why?” Cried George. “This workshop is the last place I want to be!” Complained Arthur. “NO TALKING!” Cried their master. “Sorry, Sir.” They both replied. George and Arthur always worked together, they both tried hard not to get caught every time. Unfortunately, this time they got caught. That week neither of them got their weekly pay. They were hungry, but they didn’t have any money. What were they going to do……

  • Callum
    31st May, 2015 at 10:12amm

    A long time ago, they was some one called Harris who worked on the mills,every day Harris got soaked. But his job was everything to him. He started at 5:00AM and ended at 6:00PM he worked really hard but when he got to work his place blew up. Harris was very shocked by this he told his wife and she was also shocked. No one knows how this happened. So its mystery.

  • Laura
    30th May, 2015 at 8:16pmm

    George and Arthur found their friends in the shop, talking to each other through the job that they were doing. They were making cutlery to sell to the rich people in the cities all day long. When the time was up for the day they went for a butter beer at the local public house called Johnny Steel. This is where they go every night to meet their other friends after being near the hot furnaces all day. They had a bet with each other as to who made the most cutlery. The winner won the money to help feed their family

  • James
    28th May, 2015 at 4:48pmm

    T’was a warm summer morning in Sheffield. George and Arthur wondered down to their small workshop, their family was poor and they needed the money. “Why do we have to do this work anyway?” George asked. “It’s because things are changing. The industrial age is here and our father has told us we need to do our bit for the country.” Arthur replied.
    They walked into the dimly lit workshop. It was filled with large machines that had replaced their old furnace and anvil. “Well then Arthur, how do we use these?” George questioned but there was no reply! Just a grumble as if He already knew! They twisted this and turned that and sure enough, it started! There was a clunking noise and soon it turned to full power, deafening them with the sound. There were two buckets of metal liquids, they poured them in and the machine turned them into one! It was crucible steel and soon there was a lot more were that came from….

    • Mrs Barrett
      30th May, 2015 at 8:11amm

      This is a great story James. I like the way you have woven our lesson on the industrial revolution into it too. Well done. (Star stamp!)

  • Sara
    26th May, 2015 at 8:42amm

    Crash, clang, crash, clang, George and Arthur’s working day had begun. They worked at the tilt hammers in the Rivelin valley as part of the steel making process.
    First the Charger who lived at the top end of the valley made the mixture for the steel. This mixture was transported, by horse and carriage, down the valley to the furnace where it was melted in crucible pots. The crucible pots were made from clay further down the valley. Then on to the tilt hammers where they were made into rods, which were then shaped, ground and packaged as cutlery, pots or pans.

    • Mrs Barrett
      30th May, 2015 at 8:13amm

      A great way to start your story Sara, and I like the way you have explained the different jobs of the steel making process. Great work. (Star stamp

      • Luc
        11th Nov, 2015 at 6:27pmm

        nice coment

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