100 word story….week 4

  • 19th Mar, 2015 at 9:56pm

 Where is this? Why is this strange building here?


  • Ella
    29th Mar, 2015 at 5:47pmm

    Many years ago, a farmer named Bob Ender and his wife Mary Ender, found a UFO it crash landed.
    Mary said “why don’t we make this UFO into something useful “.
    Bob suggested “ I could make us a new house “ .
    Mary was excited, so excited that she made Bob start building straight away. Two weeks passed and Bob had finished the house in record time. The house was fantastic and people travelled from all over the world to see Bob and Mary’s UFO house. But after Bob and Mary died there was no one to look after the house. It is still there now to this day but all empty. Maybe one day someone will live in it again……….

  • Gino
    29th Mar, 2015 at 4:05pmm

    I saw a teacup house when I was on my holidays in Hollywood. A legend says that many many years ago an old lady came out for a picnic with her children and husband. Apparently they had such a wonderful time playing ,basketball, badminton,tig, tennis and rugby that she forgot her tinchy teacup when the rain came down swiftly. The beautiful sun came to make the old lady’s teacup grow into a house cup and the awesome rain helped ,The urban legend says that for many dark and gloomy years witches and monsters lived in there happily in the end.

  • Seamus
    29th Mar, 2015 at 10:57amm

    I was walking around the desolate landscape of 87@£4 a new planet with life on! I was sent there on a undercover mission to find out more about the strange place. The beings didn’t really like us but some of the three legged four eyed seven headed shelled twenty feet monsters were quite friendly,but ‘quite’ means quite. The most friendly will probably break both your arms and legs then throw you on a bed.I was walking, suddenly there was a strange building towering over me,walking in it was bigger on the inside then something grabbed me.

  • Georgia
    28th Mar, 2015 at 11:02amm

    Once there was a teapot on earth, it landed in the middle of a farmers field. The teapot had a brown roof shaped as a lid, it also had blue round walls. Two aliens lived inside the spaceship teapot they were called Bob and Dave. They had travelled in their space ship, they lived on Pluto.

    Bob and Dave was a bit lonely so they wanted to throw a party. They grabbed the animals and had a party till 1 am . All had a great time but it was time to go and they would come back in 10 years time.

  • Ryan 1
    22nd Mar, 2015 at 10:09pmm

    One day at midnight, Bob, the most wanted robber went to the city bank and broke into it. He stole every piece of money he could get his hands on. The second he broke into the bank the alarm went off and the police rushed there immediately. Bob managed to get away, but the police followed him all the way to the savannah. There Bob saw a little hut and he ran inside. When the police arrived he was nowhere to be seen. Bob had found a lever, he pulled it and disappeared through a trap door never to be seen again.

  • harry2
    22nd Mar, 2015 at 6:56pmm

    Once in the 1970’s, there was a house, but it wasn’t just an ordinary house. It was actually a teapot that poured tea, if you give it a penny. It stood in the grasslands of Derbyshire. Timothy lived there and his job was to pull the lever. He thought it was a fun job, even though he only got paid one pound an hour. Whereas, his workfriend Rio, got paid 500 pounds an hour. There were about 5, 000 visitors, to the house, every day. But! It got shut down, as the boiling water was considered to be health and safety risk!

  • Harry 1
    22nd Mar, 2015 at 5:14pmm

    One day a very tall giant was starting to get hungry. The giant, named Martin, got his cooking pot and put in all the right ingredients to make a chicken soup. Hungry, bored and tired, the giant waited for the massive pot of soup to cook inside the enormous oven. Annoyed, Martin stared at the pot hoping that the chicken soup would have been ready. Soon Martin got so hungry that he decided to take it out of the oven. Regretful and starving, exhausted and hurt, the giant scolded his hand on the burning pot which made him drop it. Ever since this day the gigantic pot has laid on the floor in the middle of nowhere!

    • Mrs Barrett
      29th Mar, 2015 at 4:04pmm

      Great vocabulary choice Harry.

  • Michael
    22nd Mar, 2015 at 4:47pmm

    This strange building appeared in the middle of Africa.What happen was,there was a space craft flying in space and then another craft appeared.Then a blue monster appeared and controlled the second ship’s canon to fire at the other ship.So then they had a war but both ships exploded and all the parts scattered across the galaxies.so one hit Africa.

  • Lydia
    22nd Mar, 2015 at 12:19pmm

    Sam was eight years old. He had never been on holiday before. He had one opportunity, his parents had won the lottery! They had planned out what they would do on holiday. BUT when they got there there was a horrible old hut in the place of their hotel. But it was their hotel! They went inside, the doors shut by themselves. A rocking chair rocked on its own and a breeze came into the room. THUD! Why did Sam always have bad luck? To be continued……

  • Tatum
    22nd Mar, 2015 at 11:16amm

    It’s January and I am still walking. I have been walking since I was in a horrible boat incident. Once I’d recovered I decided to walk till I found my town. Slowly, I walked in the middle of nowhere with my bag on my back. Tired, hungry and quietly I sat down. I looked then saw something very spectacular; it was some sort of house. Amazed, shocked and a little freaked out I stepped towards the house and walked in. All was there was emptiness. Nobody was around so I assumed it was just a room so I settled myself down. Now I live in that house.

  • Laura
    21st Mar, 2015 at 7:49pmm

    In Africa there was a house for monkeys to be looked after by Doctor Shamas. He gave them special medicine to help them speak and understand us. The house was actually the Tardis so it was large inside to keep the monkeys. Doctor Shamas was actually the real name of The Doctor. He had lost Clara and was trying to make a new companion. He thought a monkey would be a good one to travel with. But he was not sure which one to choose. The monkey that he chose was Geoffrey

  • matthew
    21st Mar, 2015 at 7:17pmm

    I was walking through the forest when I emerged into the grasslands of England. What I then saw was strange. It was a house. However, it was circular and the chimney was directly in the middle! Also, why put it in the middle of nowhere? I walked cautiously through the door into a small room! I walked through another and another and another. In the final room I found a group of people, none of whom seemed to notice me. Nor after I said hello. They eventually looked round and said hello. I then found out they were my relatives.

  • Sara
    21st Mar, 2015 at 3:11pmm

    Glunkawoo peeped out of the spaceship window. He’d been at school learning to control his special flying home when a sudden solar flair (he lived on Mercury) had sent him shooting of into the unknown. Brrr, it was cold on this planet. Suddenly he had a flashback to one of his space lessons. He’d been told that there was other intelligent life in the solar system. It must be on this planet!
    A sudden movement outside caught his attention. A life form! Yet when he opened the door to greet it it licked his face and bowled him over. A dog!

  • Maddy
    21st Mar, 2015 at 2:42pmm

    There once was a man called Andrew and he lived in a small house. One day Andrew decided to move house. He wasn’t sure where to live until he found a small funny shaped house not far away from his old house. So he decided to buy it. But what he didn’t know is that this is know ordinary house it was a time machine. The next day he was sat watching TV when all of a sudden he found himself in the ancient Greek times while slaves were rushing back and forth for him…

  • Miguel
    21st Mar, 2015 at 8:26amm

    In an alien space ship for emergency, the aliens decided to drop an escape pod which soon landed on earth in the middle of nowhere. The pod’s shape looked very much like an enormous bowl with a lid on it. It had fancy blue windows, red terracotta roof tiles, a chimney and an antenna on top. A few weeks later, after it had landed, it was found by a family of meerkats and they decided to make it their new shelter. The meerkats jumped in excitement but there was one problem, the aliens were still inside. Luckily, the alien species were friendly so they shared the pod with their new friends.

  • James
    20th Mar, 2015 at 8:35pmm

    Bob stared. Had aliens just landed?
    Bob was a lonely dude who lived in a small flat. Need I explain more? He was wandering around like he usually did, the area around Lozerville was very scenic. Suddenly he saw a very strange looking house. Overtaken by curiosity, he ran straight through the door. There were strange looking chairs and alien looking pictures on the wall. There was a strange mat on the floor which said, “Ooobla, sweet ooobla” which Bob thought might mean “home, sweet home.” Suddenly, the door swung open. Aliens stared at the intruder!

  • Charlotte
    20th Mar, 2015 at 8:12pmm

    It was Sunday. Giant’s favourite day. It was casserole day! Excitedly, happily and hungrily the giant started to cook. Meanwhile, in John’s garden John was calmly planting flowers when a huge casserole fell from the sky. It was Giants dinner! Suddenly he heard a booming voice say, “You may keep it, I can’t be bothered to come down.” Puzzled, shocked and confused John brought out his phone and called his friends over. All his friends and villagers enjoyed the delectable casserole. So, as a present they helped him make a new house from the casserole dish. John loved it!

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