100 word story week 5

  • 29th Mar, 2015 at 4:02pm

many apologies if you have already tried to do this week’s 100 word story. It was published but then it has disappeared!

Anyway, here it is again.  


Super cat is pondering his next mission. I wonder where it will be? Who will he save, and which super powers will he use?


  • Shania
    31st Mar, 2015 at 6:37pmm

    There one’s lived a cat called superpaws and he would get beeps on his special watch and would go right to the problem and he has the ability to shoot ropes and turn invisible . There had been a robbery and superpaws had to Catch him so superpaws put on his red gold Cape and he shooted in to the sky with his cape flapping behind him.he was up above the street of the robbery and he could see the robber he swooped down and aimed the rope at the robber and bang the robber fell to the ground superpaws swooped down to the ground and tuck the mash off the robbers head and it was evil dog other words evilpaws.superpaws zoomed to the cenels for noughty dogs and left evipaws there in safe paws


  • harry2
    31st Mar, 2015 at 8:51amm

    Once a comet made of luminite came down to earth, with a cat. The cat lived in Japan, at first, on a cat island. One day, the cat discovered a cape which gave him three special powers. These were
    speed, flight and strength, and then he become known a Buzz.
    Buzz saw a baby in a flat by himself, so he went over as quick as lightening. Buzz used his strength and power to open the window. After this he flew across the road. He then went to look for the baby’s mother, and he found her in Sainsbury. She was so happy, she let Buzz live with them. Purr..Purr…

  • Harry 1
    30th Mar, 2015 at 7:04pmm

    There was once a cat named Callum. His lifes ambition was to become a superhero and save the world! Callum had only one super power: Laser vision! Everything Callum looked at would burn to smithereens. Excited, Callum looked at the news and it looked like the Earth needed a hero. Callum’s enemy ( the cat anihalater) had tried to take over the world. Callum located where he was and took a flight on a plane to Malta. Because the cat anihalater was so big it was easy to spot him in a small country. In seconds his enemy’s head had turned into a baked potato. After that day everybody treated Callum like a hero! The end!

  • Ryan 1
    30th Mar, 2015 at 6:30pmm

    One day Super Cat heard someone screaming for help, using his super hearing. As soon as he heard the scream he flew straight there. When he got there Super Cat saw his best friend being threatened by his arch enemy, Devil Dog, who had the same super powers that Super Cat had, only Devil Dog used his for evil. Super Cat went up to Devil Dog and punched him in the face, so Devil Dog did the same back, but only harder. After Devil Dog did this Super Cat picked up Devil Dog’s foot and hung him upside down.

  • James
    30th Mar, 2015 at 6:20pmm

    Super Cat rushed into the Prime Minister’s office. There was a note on the desk and Super Cat found the Prime Minister hiding in the corner. The note told her to go to the office down the corridor, the Prime Ministers aids had been taken hostage. Something wasn’t right, the note had been typed and super cat couldn’t understand why there was so many spelling mistakes. She zoomed down the corridor and shot into the room with her claws ready nobody was there! She spun round and discovered the Prime Minister was Dog Dude! An evil doggy gangster. He aimed his gun but he wasn’t quick enough! Super cat leaped and ninja kicked him in the face! the day was saved again.

  • Callum
    30th Mar, 2015 at 5:26pmm

    One day there was a witch with a black, cat. Every April she goes out of control oh no she casts a spell on her cat, five minutes later he turned into a super cat who defeated the joker.

  • Sara
    30th Mar, 2015 at 3:58pmm

    Noir checked his reflection in the mirror for the hundredth time. Would his mates of the S.A.F.A. (Spy Agency For Animals) like his costume? It had been very hard to steal his young masters cape and stick on the letters. S.A.F.A. had been spying on a dangerous group of villans who where trying to destroy their hometown, Milan. As a celebration of the victory S.A.F.A. had organised a fancy dress party. As he peered out of the window a long, snaking procession of cats were making their way down the street. Quickly and silently he sprang outside to join them.

  • Laura
    29th Mar, 2015 at 8:29pmm

    Super Cat was on his journey to save his true love Fiona from the evil Dr Mouse. Fiona was being held in a tower, she was in chains. Super Cat reached the tower and scratched the wall making a hole! His super power was his scratches, with the hole he could see Fiona. She was about to be hurt by the guards by dropping rotten cheese on her this would squash her and she was also allergic to it if the squashing didn’t hurt her.
    Will Super Cat save her? Find out next week.

  • Ella
    29th Mar, 2015 at 8:18pmm

    Super cat’s ears pricked up as he heard a voice in distress screaming “don’t bite me”
    It must be Mad dog at it again chasing school children and showing his big teeth. Super cat used his super cat tail to get him to where Mad dog was in super quick time. Super cat got there just in time to stop Mad dog from changing the children into dogs. Mad dog was trying to make a dog army and failed this time but he will try again soon. Super cat will have to keep his super cat power ears working really hard. To be continued………

  • Miguel
    29th Mar, 2015 at 8:08pmm

    Super cat, the infamous superhero in his city, received calls from the FBI; his next mission must have been in America. The FBI said that there was a high infestation of what looked like mutant bees in Rio. All the Army and FBI could do is to tell people to stay inside at all times and try and lower the infestation so, there was no school that day. Super cat knew he had to be quick so he flew all the way to South America and landed in Rio. He quickly got a bottle of poisonous gas and released it into the air. All the bees suddenly dropped dead, the gas quickly disappeared and super cat had saved the day.

  • Lydia
    29th Mar, 2015 at 6:13pmm

    Tom was a tom-cat. His bestfriend was a tabby-cat, called Bob. Bob was an inventor. He happily enjoyed giving people special, super powers. So one day, Tom went to collect his special powers (that had been ordered earlier that day). He had to collect it himself, so he sneaked away from work (he was a tabby driver) and ran to Bob’s garden. He was so happy that he fell over! But Bob found him later that day, but he had a cape on. Bob had taken Tom’s potion! He sat in the breeze, he left Tom where he was………….

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