100 Word Story- Week 6

  • 11th Jul, 2015 at 1:07pm

Albert sat. He swung his legs as he pondered what the next year would bring.



  • Maddy
    14th Jul, 2015 at 4:00pmm

    Albert closed his eyes and daydreamed into the land of the past and how much fun he had. He felt amazing thinking about all the memories that year had brought him, he was sad to leave them behind. He remembered the day his friend came round and having lots of fun. “I’m going to make this year the best one yet “he said with pride. He looked forward to the tasty munch of fresh nuts and maybe even getting a new running wheel. Meanwhile he started to say “whatever next year brings I’m sure it will be an amazing year.

  • Ryan 1
    13th Jul, 2015 at 9:09pmm

    One day Albert was playing on his swing when his mum called him for tea. He went inside and he saw his best friend there. “Jeff!” shouted Albert. “Jeff’s mum is going out tonight so he is going to stay with us for the night” said Albert’s mum. They all had tea and then went outside for a swing. To their horror there was a crow sitting there happily swinging away. They ran back inside and slammed the door shut, but the crow put a hole in it with it’s beak. They all ran upstairs in fright so their families cat came out to play!

  • Charlotte
    12th Jul, 2015 at 5:39pmm

    The young hamster went deeper into a day dream not realising he was drooling from his mouth. He thought of an evil teacher who makes you work in silence or you get a smack with a ruler. He thought of a teacher with a piercing stare and made everything a living nightmare. His Mum came outside noticing the stress her son was in. She told him he had a lovely teacher and there was nothing to worry about. Albert was so relieved and giddy that he fell backwards from his swing! “I’ll look forward to seeing her. Thanks Mum!”

  • Amber
    12th Jul, 2015 at 3:12pmm

    Albert was the happiest little hamster ever, as he sat on his garden swing , swinging back and forth Albert was pondering what might happen in the new year. ” Surely i can’t be as lucky next year as i have been this year, this year has been awesome”! And truly it had been the best year ever as Albert had only won the hamster lottery! He had treated his friends and family to the finest food, in the best restaurants and he had even bought himself a new hamster pad, a huge palace with a lovely garden, and even a swing.

  • James
    12th Jul, 2015 at 3:06pmm

    “Hmmmm….” Albert said quietly to himself. “This year has been great. The harvest was good, there were no predator attacks and I even got some spare nuts for the winter!” Unfortunately, Albert had spoken too soon. An eagle swooped down and grabbed him, taking him back to his nest. However, this little mouse had a friend and this friend wasn’t too happy. He was called Barney and he was a dinosaur. Almost the first time Albert cried out for help, Barney crashed in, “GIVE ME MY FRIEND BACK!” He roared, briskly pulling Albert away. Saved!

  • Declan
    12th Jul, 2015 at 12:32pmm

    Albert was a little mouse who loved to play on swings but nobody else thought it was a good idea so albert did not have many friends. Albert would sometimes sit In a corner and cry because he’s got no friends and sometimes he was bullied. Albert was a very strong guy so he didn’t care. One day Albert had enough so he contacted child line and talked it through with them and they said. if you ever need help again just dial this number 0800 1111000 Albert told everyone about how he contacted child line and all of the people who bullied Albert stopped.

  • Sara
    11th Jul, 2015 at 7:20pmm

    He remembered the past year and contemplated his actions. The year had been spent in a fantastic cage with tunnels and slides. It had been peaceful and quiet until the housewife had thought it necessary to have a baby. It had spent the whole of its time bawling loudly. Albert shuddered just to think of it. He had successfully escaped by making a hole in the cage. It was a bit of a shame about the cage but on the other hand here he was in the countryside with a wife and children. He hoped next year would be just as good.

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