3. Word Time – Spelling

  • 29th Mar, 2020 at 6:49pm

When your child has read a page of Speedy Green words choose 4 or 5 words from previous sheets for them to spell.

Fred Fingers

FRED teaches the children to use their fingers to break down words into their individual sounds to assist spelling.  When children look at their own fingers, it allows them to  visualise each sound of the word on a single finger.

for example

The word ‘CAT’ = C-A-T this will have 3 fingers and one sound is put on each finger in turn, working left to right

The word ‘SHIP’ will also have 3 fingers = SH-I-P

The word ‘FLAG’ would have 4 fingers F-L-A-G

The word ‘PLAY’ would have 3 fingers P-L-AY

The word ‘BLAST’ would have 5 fingers B-L-A-S-T

Say the word to your child and ask them to find Fred Fingers. If they find this difficult tell them how many fingers they need to put up. Next pinch each finger as you say the sounds. Finally ask the child to write down the word, pinching the sounds again if they get stuck. Repeat with the next word.


  • Finley
    31st Mar, 2020 at 11:22amm

    Mrs mills I loved spelling today from Finley

    • Mrs Mills
      31st Mar, 2020 at 1:47pmm

      Are you spelling the words from the grey group Fin?

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