Snow Day!

  • 1st Mar, 2018 at 8:07am

snowmanGood morning year 2!

We hope you are all staying warm and safe? Here are some activities that you could do while
you are at home.

1. Build a snowman and take a photograph. Write an algorithm (set of instructions) about how to build your snowman.
Don’t forget those bossy verbs!

2. Imagine that you built a snowman and he came to life! What adventures did you get up to together? Where did you go?
What happened to your snowman at the end of your story? How did you feel? Don’t forget those adjectives!

3. Write a poem about the snow/winter.

4. Choose any 2 digit number. Next choose a one or two digit number. Add them together.

5. Create a snowy picture.

6. Go for a walk in the snow. When you’re home write a recount.

7. Make your own soap solution. Start by heating the soapy water so it’s warm, then blow bubbles outside. If you can catch one on your wand, watch it carefully: It will freeze into a delicate ball.

8. Have fun!

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