A Christmas Calamity- 100 Word Story

  • 15th Dec, 2015 at 9:41am

As requested… A Mog Story!

Mog has another Christmas calamity. What could possibly happen to him now?


  • Ryan 1
    17th Jan, 2016 at 5:30pmm

    It was a stormy Christmas Eve and Mog was trying to sleep, but the storm was too loud and it was keeping him awake. He tried to cover his big pointy ears, but it didn’t work. Eventually he decided to go outside. Mog poked his head through the cat flap and some lightning hit the floor right next to him, then he heard a loud bang. He quickly pulled his head back through the cat flap and saw someone putting a turkey on the table. The second they turned their head Mog got ready to pounce. Within a matter of seconds it was gone…

  • declan
    4th Jan, 2016 at 9:03pmm

    Mog is a very jolly man who hates when things go wrong. One day he was decorating his christmas tree when he realised that he forgot to buy his light .suddenly Mog began to panick how could he have a christmas tree with no lights . Even though Mog was extremly upset the was no time for tears. He would have to go out get some lights and get back before dark . would it be possible?

  • Tatum
    4th Jan, 2016 at 4:01pmm

    ‘Twas Christmas eve and everyone was sleeping. Everyone except Mog. Mog was eyeing the turkey on the table which had been cooked that day. She tried not to get it but she soon gave up and dragged it off the table to eat. Then she slept. The next morning Debbie and Nicky excitedly came rushing down stairs to find a half eaten turkey, they didn’t know what to do. Mrs Thomas looked in the fridge, all there was, was pizza and some vegetables. Nicky suggested, “What if we have pizza instead?” So they did. From that Christmas onwards the Thomas’ always had pizza, thanks to Mog.

  • Ella
    4th Jan, 2016 at 12:12pmm

    It was the night before Christmas and all was calm and still. Mog was in the living room resting in his basket when, suddenly a big black boot poked out of the fire place. Curious Mog walked over to investigate more. Just then a fat jolly man dressed all in red came sliding down the chimney. He said to Mog “ hi old friend I have missed you” , it was Santa Clause, Mog’s best friend . Five minutes later the two friends said goodbye but Mog being Mog started to climb up the chimney and sneaked into Santa’s sleigh without him seeing.

    When the sleigh stopped it was freezing cold Mog got out of the sleigh he walked into a big building wow this is where Santa’s elf’s must make all of the toys. Mog was snooping around and accidentally stood on a button, which made the conveyor belt start to move and presents drop off the end where the sleigh should be. In a panic Mog started to climb up the shelves of toys to try and get out of sight. However as Mog was climbing the shelves stated to give way. Down fell Mog and all of the toys with a great big bang. He landed under a massive pile of toys and Santa stood over the top of him wondering what an earth was going on and how did Mog even get here?? Has Mog just ruined Christmas for every girl and boy???

  • Seamus
    3rd Jan, 2016 at 7:37pmm

    Mog was 13 and this Christmas he had saved up and bought his brother and auntie presents. He remembered that his brother craved meat and his (vegetarian) auntie needed a scarf. Eventually he purchased: Rare And Bloody, How To Cook Meat, a silk scarf and some Monster Munch for the way home. He wrapped the presents and delicately placed the Monster Munch packet under the sofa. At bedtime both presents were gone “Your auntie came and opened hers. She looked quite confused.” Mum said.
    “I’ve mixed up the labels” he realised
    “Bed!” yelled his mum. What could he do?

  • Charlotte
    3rd Jan, 2016 at 3:26pmm

    It was the night of Christmas Eve. Mogs eyes twinkled with mischief. Slowly, he got up from his bed and tip- toed over to the Christmas tree. He spotted a chocolate hanging. He couldn’t resist it, his stomach got the best of him. Mog jumped up trying to reach it but… the whole tree came down! He hopped back with shock. He threw a cloth over it, grabbed the green paint and started to draw a Christmas tree on the wall. Dad came down stairs, and looked at the tree with shock.
    “That’s a great colour for the walls!”

  • Michael
    3rd Jan, 2016 at 1:04pmm

    100 Word Story
    Mog was a child that always had a good christmas because he would always do somthing to someone else that would hurt them or hurt there feelings.On christmas 2015 he got ready to make his plan in action.Mog wanted to eat all the food before anyone else could even lay an eye on it.At the table Mog knew that his plan would work and so it did work.That night he was as happy as ever jumping around .In the morning he felt bad so he went and apologized to them and became a good boy.

  • James
    1st Jan, 2016 at 6:35pmm

    Hunger pierced Mog’s mouth like two thousand daggers. “Hmmmm…” He thought, “I wonder if there’s any eggs in this fridge…” He stopped and thought. Though cat’s brains are better than most dog’s, they still do silly things and without further or do, he opened the fridge. CLATTER! BASH! BANG! All the Christmas food fell out. Like most cats he made a screaching noise and stumbled over his favourite toy. This caused a sequence of happenings that would effect the whole day; A chair fell over and flung a football straight through his front window. That set off all the car alarms in the street. When the grumpy neighbors woke up they all had their own calamities. “CAR THIEF!”, “Aaaaaah!”, “Where did i put my keys!” ” Oops…” Thought Mog and therefore, Christmas day changed.

  • Sara
    1st Jan, 2016 at 3:15pmm

    “Creeeeak.” Mog flicked his ears forward and tensed his muscles. Someone was creeping around in the kitchen! On mice’s feet he crept into the next room. There, sillhouetted against the moonlight, was a tall man.
    “Here, kitty, here” he said, his soft voice compelling.
    “Mraaaw” Mog said, launching himself at the stranger…..
    “Moooog, will you shut up!” his owners voice came from upstairs. Mog was clawing a pillow. He walked up to the window and saw nothing but white. Upstairs had exactly the same view. They were completely snowed under. How would they ever go the dinner at Nan’s?

  • Sara
    1st Jan, 2016 at 1:52pmm

    Where’s the picture?

  • Freddie
    19th Dec, 2015 at 3:06pmm

    Mogs’ stupid freind, who was called Dab, thought that it would be a good idea to put all of the gunpowder in one cracker. Dab just had to do this on christmas eve while mog was sleeping. All was going perfectly until the christmas dinner. Like an idiot Dab chose to pull the cracker full of gunpowder in it with mog. When they pulled the craker apart the entire house blew-up! Ever from that day Dab was never allowed to to Mogs’ house ever again.

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