A Very Victorian Adventure

  • 15th Oct, 2019 at 9:09pm

On Monday year two travelled all the way back in time. No, they didn’t hitch a ride in a time machine but went via coach to the Victorian classroom in Barnsley. There they met a strict teacher named Miss Sharp (even Mrs Mills was afraid of her!)

Miss Sharp led the children to her classroom where they dressed in traditional Victorian outfits. Throughout the day, girls and boys were treated differently, just as they would have been in the Victorian era. Boys were told they were important and were better than the girls. They had to learn to read and write in order to get a job – “No labor, no bread” Whereas the girls, had to learn to take care of the family, cook the meals and clean the house – “A woman’s place, is in the home.” The year two girls thought this was unfair and are glad that people are still campaigning and fighting for Gender Equality and a Quality Education for all.

Global Goals

Overall the day was a great success and the children thoroughly enjoyed being immersed in history.

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