Snow Day

Snow Day Fun! I hope you’re all having a wonderful day in the snow. Here are some activities to keep you busy… Build an igloo: Can you and your friends and family build an igloo to keep warm in? Image result for igloo Snowman story Build a snowman and then write a story about an adventure it might have. Image result for snowman Cook a warm hearty meal Image result…

Snow Day!

Happy Snow Day everyone. We had lots of fun yesterday exploring the snow. We tried to make 50 footprints by counting backwards from 50 to 0! We also learnt a snow dance. Here are some activities you can do in the snow today: Create a snow superhero instead of a snow man. Can you write a story about the adventures of your snow superhero? Practise writing capital letters correctly in…

Meet the Super Veggies!

We have been reading Supertato: Veggies Assemble by Sue Hendra. We created our own Super Veggies to help rescue Supertato. We thought very carefully about what would turn an ordinary vegetable into a Super Veggie! When our Super Veggies were finished, we went to train them, to see what their super powers were. Our veggies did some heavy boulder lifting with their massive muscles, climbing up walls using their ninja…

Our incredible inventions!

Year 1 have followed in the footsteps of Alexander Graham Bell by designing and creating their own telephones. They were all designed to have at least two unique features. Some of Year 1’s phones designs were: A phone that flies to your ear when somebody calls you. A phone that disappears when you aren’t using it. A phone that even does your shopping for you!

Phoning a friend in Year 1!

We are learning about science hero Alexander Graham Bell. We learnt that he invented the telephone, so we decided to be just like him and find out lots of information about telephones. We discovered the difference between old and new phones, then we had a go at making cup and string phones. Like any successful inventor does, we made a few learning mistakes: they kept breaking when we pulled them…

Carnival Games 2017

Today we walked to Forge Valley in the glorious sunshine to take part in the Carnival Games which was organised by the Arches. We took part in around 10 different activities including archery and tight rope walking. πŸ‘πŸΌπŸΉπŸŽ― The sports leaders who ran the event from Y5/6 were amazing! A huge thank you to our parent helpers too πŸ˜€

Science Enquiry in Y1

Yesterday we dug for worms to put in our wormery so we could observe how they moved underground. We also collected a variety of snails and slugs as we have designed homes for them..

Manchester Museum of Science and Industry

The children had a fantastic day exploring science at the museum. They were filled with excitement from the very start. On our journey to Manchester we spotted the first signs of Spring and even saw a helicopter flying over he hills! We has our ‘picnic’ lunch outside as the weather was glorious! The children were very well behaved with impeccable manners! 

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