STEM acids and alkali morning

We were visited this morning by the very knowledgeable Mr Forrest from Sheffield University. We learned about acids and alkalis. We carried out two different experiments in groups and identified acids and alkalis two different ways. We also investigated chemical reactions.        

Global goal 4: Quality Education

In Year 5 and Year 6 last week, we had a focus on quality Education and what that means. Year 6 looked at the story of Malala Yousafzai, her activism and what she stands for. They created fact files after finding out all about her. Year 5 looked at what education looks like in four poorer countries around the world. They did research into the statistics of literacy and education…

Global Goals and Hidden Figures

This week, Year 5 and Year 6 are going to be doing some work on  Global Goal 4: Quality Education. To get us started in Year 5, we read and discussed the book Hidden Figures ( about women who broke boundaries to work at NASA and help America win the space race). We thought about which Global Goals the book linked to and had a discussion about it. We then…

How amazing are Year 5?

his week,  Year 5 have worked SO hard! We have done some really tricky writing about how to train to be an astronaut, we have started tackling fractions, decimals and percentages in maths, we’ve been investigated materials as part of our science and some outstanding (and delicious) homework has been brought it. This week, most people have practiced their spellings – with great results in the spelling test – and…


We have started our fencing session in Year 5. Arches are coming in to teach us how to fence over the coming weeks. Today, we learned how to lunge and thrust, as well as having a go at fencing with all the equipment on! A lovely way to end the week.  


We had a great day at Weston Park Museum yesterday! We followed an Egyptian trail around the museum, followed by a workshop in the afternoon. First of all, we looked at the real mummies they have in the museum. Next, we mummified Fred and learned about why the Egyptians did what they did to mummify bodies. Finally, we made shabtis, which are little dolls that the Egyptians used to make…

Computing: networks

We we have been learning about networks and how we communicate with each other using the internet. We sent a message from computer one to computer two and sent our message off different routers. Tomorrow we are learning about what happens to the message in between journeys!  


Good morning everyone, We were all very giddy about the snow in year 5 yesterday, and I’m sure you’re all even giddier today! Today, whatever you do, I’d like you to have a fabulous time. Whether it’s making snowmen, having a snowball fight, making snow angels or hiding away inside with a warm blanket. As you go through your day, take some pictures if possible. Additionally, I’d like you to…

Judo, PE and E-Safety

This week has been very busy in year 5! On Monday we had British Judo come into school.   On Tuesday we were thinking about how we conduct ourselves online as part of internet safety week. This year’s theme is ‘Create, connect and share respect.’   Finally, on Friday, we got a bonus PE session with Mrs Wilson! A very active week indeed!  

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