Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

Because of the rain, we had to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee inside. We still managed to have fun playing Kahoot! We ate lots of yummy food too. Thank you to all the parents for sending so much lovely food in.

Year 5 Class Assembly

At the start of May, we held our class assembly, which was devoted to Our Lady. We learnt new hymns, looked at where Mary appears in the Bible and performed a liturgical dance.

Science Day and Biscuit Dunking :)

We had lots of dressed up scientists on Tuesday, ranging from mad scientists to famous Nobel Prize winners such as Marie Curie. In the afternoon, we investigated the thickness of biscuits and if that has an effect on the number of times a biscuit can be dunked.

World Book Day

On World Book Day, we did lots of different activities linked to the books we love and are reading. We also visited our new school library and looked at all the books.


In PE, we have been practising the shapes we make in gymnastics. This week, we got out the equipment to see if we could make the shapes using the equipment to support us. It was very exciting to get the climbing frames out!

Our Corridor Display

This term, our corridor display theme is population growth. We have looked at how world population is growing and how this links to climate change.

Reading Together Day

Hi Year 4, Today is Reading Together Day, a day to celebrate reading.Β  Below you will find a link to the Open University, and on it there are lots of activities to help you develop your love of reading.Β  There are reading together treasures hunts, summer reading adventures and links to different reading lists.Β  I hope you get chance to have a look.Β  I’d love for you to comment below…

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