Ay Ay Captain 

  • 3rd Jul, 2015 at 2:49pm

This week we have been finding out lots of information about boats, so at the start of the week the children were set a challenge to make a boat that sails really well out of junk modelling.  The children really enjoyed this and made some fantastic creations.  Today was the real test when we had a competition to see which boats floated the best and sailed the smoothest when we blew them with straws across the water.

We then had a celebration where we announced which children had made the sturdiest vessels.  Well done to Ethan who came 3rd, Shay who came 2nd, and to Marta who came 1st with the smoothest boat of all.  It was lots of fun watching the boats sailing… Well done to all of the children who made boats for today’s sailing expedition!


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