Harvest Celebration

Our Harvest celebration in church was a wonderful opportunity for us to say thank you to God for all His gifts to us.    It was lovely to have Fr Michael and so many families and friends join us as the children sang and read prayers of thanks.  A huge thank you to everyone for your incredibly generous donations to the S6 Foodbank, which helps families in need in our local…

Year 5 Class Assembly

At the start of May, we held our class assembly, which was devoted to Our Lady. We learnt new hymns, looked at where Mary appears in the Bible and performed a liturgical dance.

A Prayer For The Ukraine

Loving God,We pray for the people of Ukraine,for all those suffering or afraid,that you will be close to them and protect them. We pray for world leaders,for compassion, strength and wisdom to guide their choices. We pray for the worldthat in this moment of crisis,we may reach out in solidarityto our brothers and sisters in need. May we walk in your waysso that peace and justicebecome a reality for the…

Holy Week

Year one have been hearing about the stories of Holy Week. What is Holy Week? Holy Week is when Christians think about the week leading up to Jesus’ death by crucifixion. This is a very sad time for Christians. When is Holy Week celebrated? Holy Week is the last week of Lent, and the week before Eastertide. The key days of Holy Week: Palm Sunday Maundy Thursday Good Friday Holy…

Easter time in FS2

This week in FS2, we have been learning all about Easter. We have talked about how we have different cultural celebrations at Easter time and how we think about ‘new life’. We talked about how our celebrations originate from The Easter story, starting with Palm Sunday, the last supper, Jesus being arrested, Good Friday and finally how Jesus came back to life again. Also, we would like to thank all…

The Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Today, we celebrate the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  Normally, this would be a big day for us at Sacred Heart School.  Instead of our usual Mass and class devotions, we will have to quietly reflect at home.  I have prepared power points with mass readings and prayers from our Mass, and would love for you to take some time with your family and make your own devotions…


2020-06-01 Assembly Video for Home On Sunday, we celebrated Pentecost; the day when the disciples received the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit strengthened them and helped them to be more like Jesus.  Find a quiet time with your family, and watch the assembly above.  Use this time to think about how you can be strengthened by the Holy Spirit. Take Care Mrs Todd x

Sacred Heart of Jesus Prayer Booklet

June is the month that we hold a special devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  Father Michael has provided a prayer booklet to help focus our devotions and bring us closer during these troubled times.  Please spend some time with your families saying the prayers. Take care, Mrs Todd x

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