The Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Today, we celebrate the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  Normally, this would be a big day for us at Sacred Heart School.  Instead of our usual Mass and class devotions, we will have to quietly reflect at home.  I have prepared power points with mass readings and prayers from our Mass, and would love for you to take some time with your family and make your own devotions…


2020-06-01 Assembly Video for Home On Sunday, we celebrated Pentecost; the day when the disciples received the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit strengthened them and helped them to be more like Jesus.  Find a quiet time with your family, and watch the assembly above.  Use this time to think about how you can be strengthened by the Holy Spirit. Take Care Mrs Todd x

Sacred Heart of Jesus Prayer Booklet

June is the month that we hold a special devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  Father Michael has provided a prayer booklet to help focus our devotions and bring us closer during these troubled times.  Please spend some time with your families saying the prayers. Take care, Mrs Todd x

May the month of Mary

Dear children and families, During May, we take special time to think about Mary the mother of Jesus.  With your adults, can you look at some pictures of Mary and try to make your own?  You can use anything you like for your picture as long as you try your best.  I would love to see them when you have finished so please take a photograph of your work and send…

May the month of Mary

Dear Children and families, May is the month of Mary.  This is because May is seen as the beginning of new life and the start of summer.  Mary brought Jesus into the world; she brought life so that is why we celebrate Mary during this month.  We do not worship Mary as we only worship God but we do honour her as the mother of Jesus. I have included some…

Assembly Video for home

A Meeting With Jesus In this assembly, we journey with two disciples to Emmaus and on the way meet the risen Jesus. The Gospel helps children understand how they can meet with Jesus today at Mass, in both the Liturgy of the Word and the Liturgy of the Eucharist.

Assembly Video for home

The ‘A-Ha!’ Moment This assembly invites to children experience what it is like to be baffled by something and then to understand, just like Thomas in the Gospel when he struggled to believe in Jesus’ resurrection because he hadn’t seen with his own eyes.

Gospel Reflection for Wednesday’s Gospel

Dear Children and families, Attached is a child friendly activity for Wednesday’s Gospel, Jesus washes the feet of His disciples and The Last Supper.  There is an activity at the end to help you reflect on the story.    Mrs Todd x

Palm Sunday Homily

Dear Children, Fr. Michael has kindly written you a  homily for the Palm Sunday Mass so that you can start to prepare for Holy Week.  Please take time to read this with your family.  Think about what Fr. Michael has written and take time to discuss the questions he has posed.   Fr. Michael asks the question, “What would you do to welcome Jesus if he arrived here today?”  Fr. Michael goes on…

Sunday Liturgy & Mass For Families

Scroll down for live stream mass links Check each week as this page will automatically update. Stream Mass from St. Marie’s Cathedral. Click the link and scroll down to bottom

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