Digital 5 A Day

  • 11th Jan, 2020 at 9:40pm

Are you getting your 5 A Day?

This week, year two have been been thinking about the basic needs of animals including humans and what they need to stay healthy.

On Friday they thought about how using digital devices for too long may not be healthy for our minds.

They discussed that by using the internet for different activities they could have a more positive relationship with technology rather that it being too restrictive. Finding the right digital balance means enjoying all the fun, exciting and creative things about being online while making sure that we aren’t caught doing the same things all the time.

The Digital 5 A Day launched by the Children’s Commissioner for England in 2017 is based on the NHS’s five steps to mental well-being. It is a framework to help children get the most from their time online and to balance digital activity with overall wellbeing. 

The 5 elements of a good digital diet are: connect, be active, get creative, give to others, be mindful.

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