FS2, Y1 and Y2- Reading Support During School Closures

  • 21st Mar, 2020 at 11:51am

Your child has begun their reading journey – keep them reading during school closures.

Listen to your child read to you every day

We will endeavor to publish below, word lists and useful links to help support you and your child’s reading at home.

Click here for free online reading books for your child to read

Speed Sounds

Start at set 1. Point to and ask your child to read each sound. For help on how to produce the sounds see the video above. Introduce new sounds one at a time. Read all known sounds daily.

Speedy Green Words

Establish the colour group that your child is working in. Ask your child which teacher taught them for phonics / Read, Write, Inc.

FS2 Mrs Swift – Ditty

FS2 Mrs Thorpe – Red Ditty

FS2 Mrs Higgins – Green

Mrs Senior – Pink

Mrs Constantinou (Mrs C) – Orange

Mrs McGarry/Mrs Doane – Green

Mrs Mills – Grey

Choose from the colour coded online support below to work at home.

Partner practice Speedy Green words with your child. Partner 1 points to the word and partner 2 reads. Then, swap over- partner 2 points and partner 1 reads. If your child struggles ask them to ‘Special friends, Fred Talk, Read the Word.’ Fred Talking involves looking for ‘special friends’ e.g. sh, th, oo, air, etc. (two or three letters that make one sound.) Then ‘Fred Talk’ sounding out the phonemes (sounds) in the word. Finally, ‘Read the word’ .Read the same sheet of words every day until all the words can be read at speed (no Fred talking). When your child is able to do this, introduce the next sheet. For further support look at the Phonics and Early Reading section under the Learning tab at the top of the page.


  • Mrs McGarry
    24th Mar, 2020 at 8:19amm

    Hi, children. Hope you’re all well. Keep practising your sounds and speedy green words. Enjoy reading some stories with your grown ups, too.

    • Mrs Mills
      24th Mar, 2020 at 10:01amm

      Hi Mrs McGarry, we miss you. What have you been doing?

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