Firefighter Steve

  • 8th Oct, 2018 at 7:18pm

Last week, year two had a visit from a firefighter. Steve Jones came in to talk to us about what it was like to be a firefighter.

We initially thought it must be a scary job but Steve explained that because he receives so much training he’s not scared.

Steve told us about the many different things that he might do as a firefighter. These included helping people who have had accidents, putting out fires and yes…even rescuing animals stuck in trees!

We found out that, when if you need to call 999 in an emergency, you can ask for the fire brigade, ambulance, police, coastguard and mountain rescue!

Year two timed how long it would take to put on his protective uniform. We were amazed at how quickly firefighters have to get ready.

Finally, with Bonfire night just around the corner, Steve explained how important fire safety is and how we should never play with or go near fire. We practised the technique  STOP, DROP and ROLL and Steve explained that we should use this in an emergency.

We’d like to say a big thank you to Steve for giving up his time to come to talk to us. 

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