Food Glorious Food!

  • 8th Feb, 2022 at 1:02pm

Last week in FS2, we focused our learning on being healthy. We found out lots of information about the types of food that were good for our bodies and why we should aim to have a balanced diet. See below for some of our food activities…

We timed ourselves sorting the different fruits – the hard bit was having to use tweezers to sort the food, as a way of developing our fine motor skills!
In this ‘lunchbox activity’, we sorted the foods into those that would make a healthy lunchbox and those that would make an unhealthy lunchbox.
Here we developed our motor skills by chopping the fruit and vegetables.
In the playdough area, we enjoyed designing and making a healthy meal.
In our outdoor workshop, we enjoyed mixing colours in order to paint a healthy meal onto a plate. We tried using cotton buds for painting as a way of painting more detailed pictures.
Whilst we were outside, we were extremely excited to see that some of our spring bulbs have started to push their way through the soil. We used magnifiers to get a really close look and can’t wait to see what else grows this year!

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