FS2 are super healthy!

  • 17th Jan, 2020 at 4:40pm

This week, we have been learning about how certain foods are really good for our bodies. We have been planning what to put in a lunchbox, sorting healthy fruits in different ways, and even making our own healthy ice lollies using a range of different fruits and juices. Take a look at some of our activities…

Playing a healthy lunchbox game
Sorting fruits in different ways
Designing a healthy lunchbox
Playing a ‘one less’ game with healthy foods
and even designing and making healthy ice lollies!

We have also been learning the story of ‘Jody’s beans’ and thought that it would be a great idea to plant some beans of our own. We learned about planting first by following some written instructions and then we planted some seeds in seed trays. We are now going to look after them throughout the winter and when they become seedlings, we are going to plant them outside. We are even going to make a wigwam with canes for them just like Jody did in the story. If we are lucky, we should be able to taste the beans in the summer months…yum!

Learning to plant seeds
Planting and taking care of our seeds

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