Let it snow!

  • 31st Jan, 2022 at 4:21pm

Last week in FS2, we focused on all things ‘snowy’. We framed our learning around ‘The mitten’ story by Jan Brett and the children loved re-telling the story in the smallworld area of our classroom. We found out about other snowy places in the world and loved exploring using ‘google earth’ to find out where the north and south poles were. Take a look at some of the activities from the week…

Retelling the story of ‘the mitten’
Snowy number activities (finding one more and one less than a number)
Designing some snowy mittens – making repeating patterns!
Using our scientific brains to work out how to release the polar bears from the ice – the use of salt was very interesting!
Using ICT as a way of helping us to write.

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