Look out, look out, Jack Frost is about!

  • 20th Jan, 2022 at 4:43pm

Our first week back from the Christmas holidays has been such a busy week! We started the week by sharing rhymes and a story about Jack Frost which led us on to wondering whether it would be possible to grow our own frost. We gathered ice, water and salt together and gave it a go, although the frost only appeared for a few minutes before it changed back to water (a bit like when the frost on the grass changes to dew in a morning). We shared some ideas about how we could change the experiment and then used more crushed ice and a lot more salt. We placed it outside and even made a sign to warn others not to touch it as we were worried that warm hands may make the frost disappear. Sure enough, the frost stayed for much longer. Take a look at our experiment and our other wintery activities…

Finding out how to conduct a science experiment (making frost)
Having a try at making our own frost
We enjoyed watching the frost start to form
We compared the amount of frost that appeared on the different cans
Here we are using our best cutting skills to make snowflakes
We also found out about other cold places in the world and made up our own ‘North Pole’ stories

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