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  • 2nd Apr, 2020 at 6:22pm

Dear pupils.

I hope you are well and keeping busy whilst at home. I have put together a list of various musical activities that will enable you to practice different musical skills including performing, composing, listening as well as develop your musical knowledge. You can try them on your own or work with members of your family. Singing, making music and listening to music can lift our mood and help us feel happier in these uncertain times.

I hope you will enjoy the activities. Stay safe and take care.

Mrs Cooper

Musical skill  Activity
SingingVisit www.outoftheark.co.uk and find the section Out of the Ark Music @ home Find the song of the day and listen to it. Learn to sing the song and complete the song activities. Perform the song to members of your family or record yourself.  
SingingWatch a Disney movie and choose a song that you really like. Learn to sing the song and perform it to members of your family or record yourself.  
ComposingWrite a short rap about your daily routine now that you are at home. Add clapping, tapping, patting and different body percussion sounds to make an accompaniment.  
ComposingChoose a song that you know well. It can be a pop song, folk song, a song from a movie or a musical. Keep the melody but change the lyrics. Choose a theme for your words – it can be friendship, hobbies, favourite food and drinks or anything you like. Write new lyrics and practice singing them to the melody, making sure they fit. Perform the new song to the members of your family.  
ListeningVisit the BBC 10 pieces website and choose one of the pieces. Watch the video of the performance – pay attention to the different instruments and how they are playing. Can you describe the tempo, dynamics, pitch, duration and texture? What do you enjoy most about the music?   https://www.bbc.co.uk/teach/ten-pieces/primary-resources-ks2–2nd-level/z6xjrj6
ListeningWatch a Harry Potter movie or any movie of your choice. Pay attention to how the music is used to create different moods. Choose a scene and watch it several times whilst listening to the music carefully. What is the music like? Is it fast or slow, loud or quiet, high or low, major or minor? What instruments can you hear? How does the music help to create the atmosphere?  
Musical knowledgeVisit the BBC 10 pieces website and choose one of the pieces. Watch the video of the performance. Now do some research about the composer.  You can make a poster or a PowerPoint about their life and work.   https://www.bbc.co.uk/teach/ten-pieces/primary-resources-ks2–2nd-level/z6xjrj6  
Musical knowledgeChoose an instrument that you really like. Can you find out more about it? What family does it belong to? What is it made out if? How does it make a sound?   Find examples of music performed on the instrument on YouTube. Make a poster or PowerPoint about the instrument.  
Musical knowledgeVisit Mylene’s music class on YouTube and learn about different elements of music.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R_zplGaphG8  
Musical knowledgeMany famous bands and musicians came from Sheffield. Choose one and do some research about them. Listen to their music on YouTube and make a poster or a PowerPoint.  
Musical knowledgeInterview a member of your family about their favourite type of music. Listen to the music together and ask them to share why they like it.  
PerformingIf you are learning to play a musical instrument find time to practice regularly. Give yourself a target. How many new pieces can you learn in a week?  
PerformingOrganise a concert at home and invite all members of your family to take part. Everybody can sing or play a musical instrument.  

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