Our African TASC

  • 30th Jun, 2019 at 9:08pm

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We were given the TASC during Global week to dress a tribe in traditional Kenyan tribal dress.
We began by looking at the wide variety of traditional dress that Africa has to offer. We found out that even though there are about 60-70 different tribes in Kenya, the Masai traditional dress is the one that is most recognised.
After that, we split into ‘Tribes’, selected our own chief and allocated jobs to everyone in the group – tool makers, bead makers and clothes makers. Each pair responsible then began research to find out exactly what the Masai tribe wear and why.
Our favourite part of the TASC was the making. Again, in our pairs, we made the jewellery, crafted the tools and printed our designs on the clothes. After we had made ONE complete outfit, we took it in turns to dress up and have an individual photograph taken. Finally, in pairs we edited our photographs and using the app PicCollage placed then all on a Kenyan background to simulate a tribal picture. We were all very proud of how they turned out. What do you think?

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