Head Teacher’s Welcome

Welcome to Sacred Heart School, a Catholic Voluntary Academy for girls and boys aged between 4 and 11. Our school is a very special place, where Christ is at the centre of all we do and where the Gospel Values of love, peace, justice and forgiveness are fully integrated into school life.

We are an inspirational community which consists of our amazing children, their families, the parish and our dedicated staff; we have high expectations of each other and treat everyone with respect. Working together, we aim to harmonise the spiritual, cultural, social and moral education of the children by providing a rich and stimulating curriculum. We are passionate about helping each child reach their full potential whilst having fun, too!

We believe that every person is a unique individual, created in God’s image and loved by Him. We are therefore committed to treating every person with equality of esteem and the respect and dignity due to a child of God. We believe that we should strive for the best in all that we do, for all our children. We celebrate the diversity of age, gender, racial and social origins, abilities, culture and religion within our school community. We are committed to ensuring all are given every opportunity to develop their talents to the full.

By sharing the same aims for our children, we are able to ensure they feel loved and develop in confidence, knowing they are valued members of the community and with the necessary skills to equip them for life in a diverse society.

As parents/carers, you are vital members of our community so you are very welcome to come and look round our school where you will be able to meet our staff and children as well as experience the warm and friendly atmosphere we promote.


As a Christian community, Sacred Heart School will empower all children to recognise and fulfil their unique potential; celebrating all God’s children as individuals, respecting and valuing difference. Through this, we will prepare the children to embrace and contribute positively to our eve-changing world.


With God’s guidance we promise to

  • Create a supportive, nurturing environment in which every child is encouraged to explore their potential, to express their individuality and to develop confidence without fear of failure.
  • Commit to the continuous professional development of all staff. To ensure our best understanding of each child’s needs.
  • Deliver a curriculum that is engaging, challenging and fosters independence.
  • Lead by example, demonstrating the values of the Catholic Church and respect for all; preparing children for their journey through life.
  • Build cooperative relationships with families and the wider community.

Our Strategic Priorities


Educational opportunities effectively to create a positive culture for learning.


Future goals with a Christian vision which allows everyone to reach their full potential.


With the school, parish and wider community to share, learn and support.


A Christian community where all share unconditional opportunities for learning and are encouraged to develop wholeness.