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Year Four

Mrs Barden is the teacher in our Year Four class. Our PE day is Wednesday.

Class Saint

St Kinga. Patron Saint of Poland. Feast day is 24th July. 

Kinga became princess when her husband ascended the throne as High Duke of Poland. During her reign, Kinga got involved in charitable works such as visiting the poor and helping the lepers. When her husband died, she sold all her material possessions and gave the money to the poor. She did not want any part in governing the kingdom which was left to her, and decided to become a Poor Clare nun in the monastery at Sandec. She would spend the rest of her life in contemplative prayer and did not allow anyone to refer to her past role as Grand Duchess of Poland.

St Kinga, pray for us. 


Summer Term Curriculum Overview


Decimals: Tenths and hundredths. Partition decimals. Compare, order and round decimals. 

Money: Convert between pounds and pence. Compare amounts of money. Estimate, calculate and solve problems with money. 

Time: Convert between analogue and digital times. 24 hour clock. 

Shape: Angles. Triangles, quadrilaterals and polygons. Lines of symmetry. 

Statistics: Interpret charts and line graphs. 

Position and Direction: Co-ordinates. Translation. 


Focus text is Kaspar: Prince of Cats by Michael Murpurgo


New Life: To hear and live the Easter message

Building Bridges: Admitting wrong; being reconciled with God and with each other

God's People: Different saints show people what God is like




Electricity. States of Matter

Design and Technology

Food: a healthy and varied diet


Tennis: throwing, catching, forehand, backhand, rallying

Athletics: pace, sprint, jump for distance, throw for distance


Data and Information


Rhythm: pulse, rhythm, patterns, improvisation, call and response


Living in the Wider World: learn some of the principles of Catholic Social Teaching to help them to live in communities in the way God intends. Teaching includes the common good, the human person, social relationships and stewardship. Further learning on careers, where value will be placed on how school and on-going learning options contribute to our future work opportunities.  Consider financial stewardship through budgeting activities, discussions about the pros and cons of different payment methods, and learning about financial risks. This is all underpinned by the religious understanding that true happiness comes from knowing God’s love and finding our identity and worth in Him.