Phonic and reading support and Practise over Summer – Set 2

  • 8th Jul, 2020 at 3:32pm

Listen to your child read to you every day

Choose books you have at home or an online book from Oxford Owl .Sound out the words they can’t read automatically when they read the story. Don’t let them struggle too much though.
Read back each sentence or page to them – this keeps the plot moving. Do it all with patience and love.

Read to your child every day

Did you know that if you read to your child every day it helps them become better readers?
Choose picture books they love and read to your child every day. Some children love to hear the same story over and over. Sometimes boring for us but not for them!

Speed Sounds – Set 2

When your child can confidently read all of the sounds in set 1 then start to learn the speed sounds in set 2.

Click HERE for Set 2 speed sound slide show instructions

Set 2 Speedy green words slide show

Set 2 speedy green words slide show

Set 2 Speedy green words slide show

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