Pupil Premium is additional funding paid to schools in respect of their disadvantaged pupils. These are children who have been registered for free school meals at any point in the last 6 years. It also includes those children who have been looked after continuously by the Local Authority for more than 6 months. A smaller amount of funding is also available for children of parents who are in the regular armed forces.
Schools receive this funding to support those eligible pupils with the aim of narrowing the attainment gap between them and their peers.
Here at Sacred Heart School we recognise that it is not the Pupil Premium funding itself that will improve the attainment of our disadvantaged children, but how we use it. Where funding is carefully targeted, UK studies show a positive impact on attainment gaps for disadvantaged children – particularly in English and Maths.
Our Approach at Sacred Heart School
At Sacred Heart School we recognise that each child is unique and will have different needs which may well vary throughout their time at our school. At Sacred Heart we feel that children who may have barriers to learning need support to perform as well as, or better than, their peers so that they can be successful in the next stages of their education and in their future career. High expectations are key to helping remove the attainment gaps.
• Some of the pupils for whom the Pupil Premium provides support are working below the level of their peers and the school needs to identify the most appropriate support. This may be through one to one tuition or small group interventions based on their specific learning needs or gaps in their understanding.
• Some pupils may be experiencing social, emotional or psychological barriers to learning as a result of experiences in their lives. Again it is essential that we explore these issues so school can find the best way to support them.
• There are also other pupils who are attaining well at school, either at the same level or higher than their peers. We recognise the need to provide additional support or fund additional opportunities for such pupils to improve and enhance their experiences.
Principles for effective use of the Pupil Premium
• A clear policy in place laying out the principles of how Pupil Premium is used in our school and explaining how any impact will be evaluated.
• Close work with the school Finance Manager to track the allocation, and account for the spending of the funding.
• Early intervention.
• Very clear success criteria with the aims of any interventions or support clearly set.
• Effective feedback from staff to children about their learning.
• Integrate strategies that develop independence.
• Involve teaching staff and teaching assistants in making decisions about what would improve the achievement of the children for whom Pupil Premium can provide support.
• Parental involvement – asking parents for ideas, strengths of their child, what they think are the barriers to their child’s progress.
• Being mindful of up-to-date research on effective uses of the funding. Employ evidence-based interventions – proven impact.
• Governor’s involvement – named Governor. Reports to Governing Body.
• Clear impact statements – what has worked and what we need to change. (track progress and attainment, profile the individual children)
• Report – 1. principles, 2. provision map showing support, interventions, costings, 3. other types of spending, 4. impact statement
Possible uses of the funding:
Accelerating Learning Opportunities
• 1:1 tuition
• Small group intervention
When led by teacher – x4 normal rate of progress, led by TA x2 rate of progress.
• Extend TA or teacher hours to deliver specific skills based sessions – daily for 20 mins on 1 specific skill
• Employing a specialist teacher to provide 1:1 sessions for children for whom English is not their first language
• Purchasing resources to support children’s learning in class and/or interventions
• CPD Training for staff in specific, identified areas
Peer tutoring
• Funding additional Speech and Language Therapy input
• Developing Social and Emotional Development
• Extra-curricular activities
• Outdoor learning opportunities (eg. Peak Venture)
• Extending use of our Positive Play Programme
• Challenging activities – climbing
• Funding nurture groups
• Funding TAMHs input in school
• Weekend sports activities with coaches
• Peer tutoring
• Funding art therapy
Removing Financial Barriers
• Breakfast Club – provision of a healthy breakfast so children are ready to learn, improved attendance/punctuality
• Educational trips
Residential visits
• Purchasing technology to use in school to enhance pupil’s research skills if they have limited/no access at home to good quality information technology. Support provided in school to develop skills.

Further details of how the Pupil Premium has been used at Sacred Heart may be found on the Documents page of the school website.