Set 1 Learning to blend

  • 10th Jun, 2020 at 5:05pm

Your child is learning to read words containing Set 1 Speed Sounds by sound blending. For example:

 m-a-t  mat

c-a-t  cat

g-o-t  got

f-i-sh  fish

s-p-o-t  spot

b-e-s-t  best

s-p-l-a-sh  splash

If your child is learning to sound blend help them to:

  • Join in the Set 1 Speed Sounds live lessons, Monday to Friday, at 9.30am. The films are available for 24 hours after the live lesson. The link below takes you to the YouTube channel.
  • Read the Sound Blending ebooks in order. Click on the title to take you to: Sounding Blending 1Sound Blending 2Sound Blending 3.
  • Read the Ditty Sheets in order. Click on the title to link to the 28 ditties sheets.
  • When your child can blend confidently, they can also practise reading the words on the Speedy Green Word Slideshow for Red Ditty level. A guide to help you use the slideshow is given below.
  • Finally, you could watch the Sound Blending video to help support your child with sound blending.

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