Slow and steady wins the race!

  • 11th Mar, 2022 at 4:48pm

This week we have been learning about hares (as they tend to go a little bit mad in the month of March). We have absolutely loved learning the story of ‘the hare and the tortoise’ to the point that we have been able to retell the story so well afterwards! Take a look at some of our activities this week…

Cotton buds are a super way of producing dotty pictures. Look at how we used our fine motor skills to make dotty tortoises!
Here we are making masks from the hare and the tortoise story, so that we could use them to re-enact the story afterwards!
We made a tricky assault course outdoors to allow us to have a race as the story characters.
Watch out sleepy hare, the slow and steady tortoise in trundling close to the finish line!
We also had a go at re-telling the story in the smallworld area
We have also been applying our phonics to be able to write captions that retell the story!
After learning about maps, we made a map of the route that the hare and the tortoise took in the story. We enjoyed adding our own extensions to the story too like our ‘mountain range made of blocks’.

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