• 1st Mar, 2018 at 6:59am

Good morning everyone,

We were all very giddy about the snow in year 5 yesterday, and I’m sure you’re all even giddier today!

Today, whatever you do, I’d like you to have a fabulous time. Whether it’s making snowmen, having a snowball fight, making snow angels or hiding away inside with a warm blanket. As you go through your day, take some pictures if possible. Additionally, I’d like you to write about your snow day to accompany the pictures.

You could write a recount of your day, a poem, make a booklet or maybe even an informative poster.


For some other activity ideas, why not try some of these if you have the resources (and permission from parents):

  • Make a sculpture using snow.
  • Get some food colouring and make patterns in the snow.
  • Collect some snow and time how long it takes to melt. You could compare this to the melting time of ice, or collect a few samples, place them in different rooms and see which ones melt the fastest.
  • Do some frosty artwork like we started yesterday in school.
  • Pour salt on snow and see what happens, then research why it happened.
  • Or try the activities on this link for some more sciency, snowy fun: https://igamemom.com/fun-snow-science-for-kids/?m


Whatever you do, record it somehow, write about it in whichever way you like, and bring it in to share with us!

Have fun!

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