Super Science in FS2

  • 18th Mar, 2022 at 12:43pm

Well, this week in FS2 has been so exciting! We have well and truly loved having such a focus on science all week. Take a look at some of our activities of using our new science skills…

We started our week by trying to regrow vegetables from vegetable scraps. We had to make sure that we kept them well watered and have enjoyed using magnifiers to look for the first signs of growth.
We loved the story of Jack and the beanstalk and have enjoyed retelling the story in our smallworld area.

After listening to the story of the gingerbread man, we explored what happened when a real gingerbread biscuit was left in water. We watched the biscuit turn soggy. We chatted about whether the same thing would happen to other biscuits too…

…we then made some predictions as to which biscuit would go soggiest first. We had to use the same amount of water in each glass of water to make it a fair test. We found out that the gingerbread man was able to last the longest without going soggy!
We noticed that our seed potatoes were starting to sprout some tiny purple shoots. We found out that this meant that it was the perfect time for planting them outside. We filled our potato bags with compost, and shared the potatoes out between the bags as equally as we could!
We then made a hole with our hands in the compost, placed the potatoes inside the holes and carefully covered them over again. We watered them and placed them in a sunny spot in the yard. We can’t wait to see the first leaves!
We have also been planting a sunflower seed each. We made sure that the seeds were covered with compost and then we watered them. I wonder which member of FS2 will be able to grow the tallest sunflower?
We really enjoyed playing a number game together this week. We took it in turns to roll two dice, added the amounts together by counting on from the first number and then moved our counter along the numberline. An easy game to play at home too!


  • Jen
    18th Mar, 2022 at 6:52pmm

    Aw this is lovely. It’s great seeing what they’ve been up to, as I still can’t get a word out of Cole! Have they each planted their own sunflower 🌻 seed? Lovely x

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