Tasty pancakes

  • 4th Mar, 2022 at 12:28pm

This week we have been learning all about how ‘Shrove Tuesday’ is celebrated around the world, and falls on the day before Ash Wednesday. We have loved listening to many pancake stories throughout the week (including a bit of pancake tasting) and have enjoyed lots of pancake activities. See the photo’s below to see what we have been learning about…

We found out about how the world’s largest pancake measured fifteen metres in length and then measured how large the pancake would be in the school yard. We couldn’t believe how enormous it would be and made us have some very interesting discussions about how much flour and eggs would be needed!
We loved designing our own pancakes – just look at how good our cutting skills are now!
We enjoyed our maths challenge this week of adding the numbers on the pancakes to the numbers on the frying pans.
Look at the pancakes that we made in the playdough kitchen. We enjoyed measuring our ingredients out and chatting about our favourite toppings.

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