The Queen’s Knickers

  • 22nd Sep, 2019 at 3:15pm

The Autumn Fair was a great success! Thanks to the children, we had a fun game for everyone to play.

There were lots of positive comments about our pants! (The queen’s knickers obviously) A huge thank you to Mrs McGarry who ran the game for most of the day and to her many little helpers. You all did a wonderful job, well done year 2, you have a very proud teacher! 🙂


queens-knickers queens-knickers-2



Today we listened to the story The Queen’s Knickers by Nicholas Allen. With our British Values in mind we discussed the present royals and found pictures  of them online. This generated lots of questions – When did Elizabeth II become queen? What is a coronation? How long has she been the queen? How long was Victoria the queen? Who will be our next queen? As you can see we had a few misconceptions that we had to address! We then found pictures of the royals who are inline for the throne.

After much interest and discussion we painted patterns on a knicker template….no, not for the queen but for our Autumn fair game.

Look out for it next week and come and try your luck!



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