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  • 31st May, 2020 at 2:50pm


Welcome back to your final half term in FS2.  This half term we will be focusing our learning on Summer time, holidays and activities that we may do more of during the summer months.  So this week, we are going to launch our final half term with a focus on boats and sailing.  So get on your boating hats and let’s set sail for some lovely stories…

Let’s make a start by listening to this week’s main story of ‘Who sank the boat’ by Pamela Allen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZpFWuHSDFtQ

Remember to repeat this story every day to enable the children to use the vocabulary in their play.  Ask your child lots of questions about the story (I have included some examples below).

  • Can you name all of the animals in the story?
  • Can you put all of the animals in order from heaviest to lightest?
  • Who do you think sank the boat? Why?
  • What do you think might have happened if the mouse had gone into the boat first?
  • There were lots of rhyming words in the book.  Can you think of words to rhyme with these words from the story: sank, goat, flutter.
  • Can you retell the story? (by the end of the week)

If you would like to listen to another similar story about a day out on a boat, you may enjoy this one called Mr Gumpy’s Outing by John Burningham:


  • How many similarities can you think of between the two stories?


  • Continue to access the range of reading books from the oxford owl website:


  • Word practise: Keep going through the sounds and words in your red phonics book.  Try doing ‘fred in your head’ and speed reading for fluency.
  • Keep looking at the ‘reading support’ resources that Mrs Mills has put onto the blog under ‘news’ and access your level of sounds and words.  If you are in rabbits and owls groups and are feeling confident with your sounds.  Start to learn the set 2 sounds which are all ‘special friends’ (eg. ‘ay’ in play; ‘ee’ in see).  If you are in hedgehogs group and are feeling confident with the set 2 sounds, try looking at set 3 sounds
  • Continue to read bedtime stories to your child.
  • Continue to access the Sacred Heart story time from the FS2 blog


Staying with our boating theme, this week’s writing is all about pirates! 

All groups:

Make a treasure map – draw your own treasure map and put lots of labels on (eg. Rickety bridge, dead man’s swamp…).  Make it colourful and don’t forget to mark on your map where you plan to hide the treasure with an ‘x’.

Hedgehogs/ Owls: Message in a bottle activity

After completing your map, use it to help you to write a note describing where to find the treasure. 

Eg. From scarface beach, take twelve steps forwards to the fearsome forest.  Take nine steps towards ‘Skeleton Valley’.  Take five steps backwards and ‘x’ marks the spot’.

You can then roll it up, place it in a bottle and send it out to sea for a pirate to find. 

Rabbits group: After completing your map, use it to help you to write a note describing where would be best to land a boat. 

Eg. ‘You should land at dragon tail beach’

You can then roll it up, place it in a bottle and send it out to sea for a pirate to find.

How to make your child be an independent writer: Remind your child to keep saying their sentence over and over again so that they can remember it well.  Do not tell your child the sounds in each word, instead encourage them to use their ‘fred fingers’ to think about the sounds in words.  Remind them to use finger spaces and finish their sentences with a full stop. 


This week is the start of the new RE topic of ‘friends’.  During this week we will be thinking about our friendships, appreciating what makes a good friend, considering how friendships can be spoilt and how we can make up again and ultimately celebrate our friendships.

Have a listen to the following story called ‘The Selfish Crocodile’ which introduces our topic of friendship…


After listening to the story, reflect on the following aspects of friendship in the story:

  • Friends look after and do things for one another.
  • Friends do things together.
  • Friends make one another happy, comfortable and glad.
  • Things that spoil friendship.
  • Making friends again.

Now think about your own friendships and talk about the following:

  • How do we make friends?
  • Why is it important to have a friend?
  • What do friends do together?

RE Activity:

  • Make paper chain teddies of friendship.
  • Make a friendship bracelets and send it to a friend.
  • Hold a teddy bears’ picnic outside.
  • Make playdough models of your friends


Sharing quantities

In the past when we have found half of an amount, we have shared it equally between two.  But what if there are more than two people to share things between?

Whenever a group of pirates find some treasure, they need to make sure that they share their loot equally between their crew so that it is fair.

So if three pirates found nine coins, they would need to share the nine coins between the three of them.  That way, each pirate would have three coins.  They would all have equal amounts.

Our sentence structure would be ‘9 shared between 3 is equal to 3’ (where nine coins shared between three pirates is equal to 3 coins each).

This is best shown using objects.

Have a go at making some pirate coins and sharing them between different amounts of pirates.  You could use this coin resource: https://www.twinkl.co.uk/resource/t-t-421-pirate-dubloons  Remember to say your sentence structure each time!

Now have a go at a sharing game. In this game, you just need to click and drag the bones so that you share them equally between the dogs.  Click on the whistle when you are happy that you have shared them fairly. https://pbskids.org/curiousgeorge/busyday/dogs/

Let’s try another game.  It would be best to start with the ‘movable objects’ game in the centre of the page.  If you can do this one easily, then have a go at the game on the left (without remainders). https://www.topmarks.co.uk/Flash.aspx?f=sharingv2

Fun ideas:

  • If you fancy a bit of a science experiment, try this pirate density experiment…

Half fill a clear plastic jar/ bottle with water, then add some oil.  What do you notice?

Next try adding a few objects in (eg. Lego pieces, cork, coins) and observe what happens!

What happens when you put your hand into the jar?

Can you find an object to float on each layer (and one that sinks to the bottom)

  • Try making your own pirate boat out of junk modelling (eg. Yoghurt pots, boxes, elastic bands, string, corks, lollipop sticks, glue, plasticine…).

See if you can make it waterproof and then test it to see if it floats.

Try blowing it on the water with a straw to make it sail.


Remember to keep taking photographs of your child and emailing them to the 2simple/ 2buildaprofile program.  Include what your child is doing and saying and I will link it to the curriculum so that their educational profile continues to build.

If you want to make any comments or have any questions about your learning, remember that you can put comments on the blog and I will get back to you.

Have fun with this week’s sailing adventures!

Mrs Swift xx


  • Emily
    8th Jun, 2020 at 2:01pmm

    Hello, Im not sure what happening with my email at the moment I’ve tried to send some other stuff over but not sure it’s come as it is saying it is stuck in the outbox. Emily wrote her own little story called spots after she read a story from Oxford owl called spots. Emily has also done some maths with cake sharing and has drawn a picture of Emily, orlaith and etta. I think these pieces are the ones that haven’t managed to send properly . Am I able to email them over to the school office for your attention?

    • Mrs Swift
      10th Jun, 2020 at 9:52amm

      Hello again. We are working on a new way for parents to submit work which should be available in about two weeks which should make things a bit easier!
      In the meantime, yes, it is fine to email them. The school office will forward them on to me and Ill find a way of moving them across to 2 simple. See you soon x

  • Emily
    3rd Jun, 2020 at 8:26pmm

    Hi Mrs swift can you confirm you are still receiving the work I have been sending which emily had been doing from home? They don’t all seem to be showing as gone through on my email
    Thank you 🙂

    • Mrs Swift
      4th Jun, 2020 at 1:58pmm


      I have tended to include the photos that link clearly with aspects of the Early Years curriculum. If there have been two similar observations, I have just included the clearest picture which illustrates her learning. I have continued to receive more from you during the past couple of weeks but these will only be sent to you at the end of the summer term now. I did get some duplicate copies of photos from you during the past half term so not sure if there was a technical hitch somewhere? Unfortunately, I have no way of knowing if I have received them all but I am receiving a steady stream of observations from you regularly. By the way, your observations have been fantastic and Emily has clearly been doing some amazing home learning, so a huge well done to the Moore’s. If you feel that there are any really good observations that have been missed, please feel free to re-send them as they may not have come through. I’m more than happy to scroll through and assess them. Take care xx

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