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  • 10th May, 2020 at 12:06pm


Whilst we are all ‘locked down’ at the moment, I have noticed that lots of people are enjoying doing a lot more baking at home.   With this in mind, I have decided to base this week’s learning around food… in particular around gingerbread.

I’m sure that many of you have already heard the story of the gingerbread man (if not, there are lots of read aloud versions on YouTube).  This week’s story is linked very closely to the gingerbread man story and goes by the title of ‘The gingerbread baby’ by Jan Brett.  I hope that you enjoy it!


Remember to repeat this story every day to enable the children to use the vocabulary in their play.  Ask your child lots of questions about the story (I have included some examples below).

  • How is this story similar to the traditional tale of the ‘gingerbread man’?
  • If you could write a different ending to the story, what would it be?
  • How do you think the family felt at the start of the story when the gingerbread baby ran out of the house? Why?
  • What would you have done to catch the gingerbread baby?
  • What do you think would have happened to the gingerbread baby if it had started to rain?
  • Can you retell the story? (by the end of the week)


  • Continue to access the range of reading books from the oxford owl website:


  • Word practise: Keep going through the sounds and words in your red phonics book.  Try doing ‘fred in your head’ and speed reading for fluency.
  • Keep looking at the ‘reading support’ resources that Mrs Mills has put onto the blog under ‘news’ and access your level of sounds and words.  If you are in rabbits and owls groups and are feeling confident with your sounds.  Start to learn the set 2 sounds which are all ‘special friends’ (eg. ‘ay’ in play; ‘ee’ in see).  If you are in hedgehogs group and are feeling confident with the set 2 sounds, try looking at set 3 sounds
  • Continue to read bedtime stories to your child.
  • Continue to access the Sacred Heart story time from the FS2 blog


Hedgehog/ Owls group: Based on the gingerbread baby story, imagine that the family have asked you to make a ‘lost poster’ to put up around the village.  Remember that you will need to give a good description of the gingerbread baby (eg. What it looks/ smells/ feels/ sounds like).  You could even include where he was last spotted running!  You could make up your own reward too and remember to make it colourful so it is eye-catching around the village!

How to make your child be an independent writer: Remind your child to keep saying their sentence over and over again so that they can remember it well.  Do not tell your child the sounds in each word, instead encourage them to use their ‘fred fingers’ to think about the sounds in words.  Remind them to use finger spaces and finish their sentences with a full stop. 

Rabbit group:

You could have a go at the writing task above OR have a think about what you would have done if you had caught the gingerbread baby (eg. Eaten it, returned it to the family, looked after it yourself or something else).  Write down what you would have done in a full sentence.

How to make your child be an independent writer: Remind your child to keep saying their sentence over and over again so that they can remember it well.  Do not tell your child the sounds in each word, instead encourage them to use their ‘fred fingers’ to think about the sounds in words.  Remind them to use finger spaces and finish their sentences with a full stop. 


This week, we are continuing our ‘Good News’ topic by thinking about how the Pentecost story is celebrated.  Look at last week’s blog if you want to remind your child of the Pentecost YouTube clip or you could simply refresh their memories by explaining the following reading…

Then show your child the following picture of people celebrating Pentecost Day and describe all the things that you can see in the picture…

Ask your child the following questions about celebrating Pentecost Day:

  • What do you see in the picture?
  • Why are the people celebrating?
  • How are the people celebrating?
  • How would you celebrate the Good News of Jesus?

Choice of RE activities:

  • Make streamers with the words ‘Share the Good News of Jesus with everyone’ and create a dance with them.
  • Think of a prayer that you could say to thank God for the good news of the Holy Spirit or for the new life of Jesus.
  • Talk about how you would like to celebrate Pentecost – you could even arrange to carry out your own celebration at home with your family!


Finding one more and one less than a number to twenty

If you have access to a printer, print out the gingerbread numbers from the following link (this will also be good cutting practise for your child):


If you do not have a printer, make your own set of numbers to twenty (you could put these on gingerbread man shaped paper to help their cutting practise!

Once they have cut out their gingerbread men, see if they can place them all in order – by now they should know all of their numbers to twenty but it is still common for FS2 children to mix up a few (eg. 13 and 15 often get mixed up – if this is the case with your child, they may need to see the numbers that they get stuck with by playing lots of number games which include these numbers).

They should now have a gingerbread numberline assembled!

You can now play games with the numberline which gets your child talking in mathematical sentences.  You could ask ‘what is one more than 16’ – encourage your child to check on the numberline and use the sentence ‘one more than 16 is 17’.

Sometimes ask for one more and sometimes ask for one less than a number until they get this with ease.

If your child can already do this with ease (I know that many of you can!) – try asking for ‘3 less than a number’ or ‘2 more than a number’ – this is a lot more tricky as it involves counting on and counting back!  Remember that they will need to respond using a full sentence (eg. ‘3 less than 12 is 9’).

Now have a go at the online game:


Fun ideas:

Bake some gingerbread men biscuits – as you bake, investigate the changes that take place to the ingredients!  Here is a recipe:


  • Design a gingerbread house like in the gingerbread baby story.  Once you have designed it, you could try and make it.  Strong cardboard boxes may be useful for this task – you could even make a life-size one if you have a very large box!
  • Use your senses to explore the smell of different spices used in baking – try smelling ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon etc.  You could then even design your own fragrant recipe using your favourite spices!


Remember to keep taking photographs of your child and emailing them to the 2simple/ 2buildaprofile program.  Include what your child is doing and saying and I will link it to the curriculum so that their educational profile continues to build.

If you have any comments to share or any questions about the learning tasks, please leave comments on the blog and I will get back to you!

Enjoy your gingerbread week!

Mrs Swift xx


  • Carla
    14th May, 2020 at 8:13amm

    Jasper and Seb made gingerbread people and also used the Christmas themed cutters!

    • Mrs Swift
      15th May, 2020 at 8:50amm

      Well done boys, those look delicious! It looks as though you have been really enjoying gingerbread week! Take care x

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