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  • 12th Jul, 2020 at 12:08pm


OK…So we have made it to your very final week in FS2 and what a very strange first year of school you have all had.  I have really missed teaching you all as a full class and so it is with some sadness that this week I am saying goodbye to you all for the summer.  Mrs Senior is very lucky to be teaching your class after the summer holidays because you are like a bunch of superheroes!!!  So, with that, I have decided to plan our final week of learning around superheroes (just like you lot).

Let start by listening to the story of ‘Supertato’ by Sue Hendra:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rze89HB9u8g

Remember to repeat this story every day to enable the children to use the vocabulary in their play.  Ask your child lots of questions about the story (I have included some examples below).

  • Why do you think that the author wrote ‘Was this the end for Supertato?’ when he fell into the freezer?
  • How did Supertato catch the evil pea?
  • Why do you think that the author wrote ‘some vegetables are frozen for a very good reason’
  • If you had been in the supermarket, how would you have caught the evil pea?
  • How do you think the other vegetables felt when the evil pea was put back into the freezer at the end?  Why?
  • Can you retell the story? (by the end of the week)

There are many more Supertato books.  I’ve added a link to another book here, but you could try to find others too!



Try reading the following sentences;

Supertato has a black mask.

He is fast and strong.

An evil pea was on the loose!

Supertato fell into the freezer.

The evil pea was caught inside a red jelly.

  • Take a look at the link to the different sets of sounds that Mrs Mills has put onto the blog and keep practising those sounds each day.

  • Continue to access the range of reading books from the oxford owl website:


  • Word practise: Keep going through the sounds and words in your red phonics book.  Try doing ‘fred in your head’ and speed reading for fluency.
  • Keep looking at the ‘reading support’ resources that Mrs Mills has put onto the blog under ‘news’ and access your level of sounds and words.  If you are in rabbits and owls groups and are feeling confident with your sounds.  Start to learn the set 2 sounds which are all ‘special friends’ (eg. ‘ay’ in play; ‘ee’ in see).  If you are in hedgehogs group and are feeling confident with the set 2 sounds, try looking at set 3 sounds
  • Continue to read bedtime stories to your child.


All groups:

There are many Supertato stories and in each one, that evil pea seems to keep escaping.  In order to stop the evil pea from causing any more problems, have a go at making your own ‘wanted poster’ to catch the pea should he escape again.  Remember to describe what he looks like (including what he is wearing) and what his voice sounds like.  You could even decide what your reward would be for anyone who manages to catch the evil pea.

You will need to draw a picture of the pea too so that peope will recognise him!

You could use this template if you wanted to…


How to help your child to be an independent writer: Remind your child to keep saying their sentence over and over again so that they can remember it well.  Do not tell your child the sounds in each word, instead encourage them to use their ‘fred fingers’ to think about the sounds in words.  Remind them to use finger spaces and finish their sentences with a full stop. 


This week we are continuing with our topic which is called ‘Our World’.

Let’s start by watching the following clip.  You do not need to listen to the whole clip, just watch the first 10 minutes which shows how God created the world.


In the clip, God said, “Indeed it is very good!”

  • What is good?
  • Why do you think God said this?
  • Why do you think the world is very good?
  • What could we do to make it even better?

In our world, we want everyone to share God’s world equally.  What ideas do you have of how we can share equally?

Choice of Activities:

  • Find a picture of what the ‘fairtrade’ logo looks like and see if you can find any food items in your kitchen that have the logo on.

Talk to your grown-ups about what ‘fairtrade’ items are.

  • Make a recipe using fairtrade products
  • Make a fairtrade poster on Purple Mash


As we have now completed all of the maths needed for starting year 1.  Please use the remaining week to go over all of the learning of these aspects:

  • Knowing all of the numbers 0-20.
  • Be able to place the numbers 0-20 in order.
  • Be able to say one more than a number in a sentence (eg. One more than 12 is 13)
  • Be able to say one less than a number in a sentence (eg. One less than 18 is 17)
  • Be able to add two numbers together by counting on (eg. 6 plus 4 is equal to 10)
  • Be able to subtract by counting back (eg. 15 take away 3 is equal to 12)
  • Be able to double numbers (eg. Double 4 is equal to 8)
  • Be able to subtract numbers (eg Half of 12 is equal to 6)
  • Be able to share amounts equally (eg. 12 shared between 3 is equal to 4)

If your child requires practise at any of the above, just have a check back on some of the previous weeks on the blog.

For some superhero maths practise, you could do some number recognition using the following sheet:


You could also practise your addition using this resource:


There is also a superhero subtraction game to play (you only need to do the 0-20 game):


Fun ideas:

  • Make a superhero mask and cuffs like on the links below and roleplay being a superhero:



  • Make a vehicle for a superhero using junk modelling.  Remember to give your vehicle some superpowers!
  • Make your very own Supertato and use it to act out the story!
  • Take a look at the superhero activities on Purple Mash!

Music at Home!

Now more than ever, music is important to keep you and your children powering on, so here are some activities to help!
New activities will be released every Wednesday at 4pm on the Sheffield Music Hub website, Facebook and Twitter


Remember to keep taking photographs of your child and emailing them to the 2simple/ 2buildaprofile program.  Include what your child is doing and saying and I will link it to the curriculum so that their educational profile continues to build.

You can also upload any work (most easily by attaching as a photo) to your child’s work folder on the Purple Mash website.  I will keep checking throughout each week to see what you have been up to!

Enjoy being a superhero this week and I hope that you all have a wonderful summer with your families.  You have been an amazing class to teach and I’m already looking forward to visiting you in year one in September!  Take care of yourselves and see you soon

Mrs Swift xx

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