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  • 14th Jun, 2020 at 1:00pm


Welcome to a new week!  This week we are moving our learning from rockpools into the ocean, and more specifically about the wonderful animal ‘whales’.  Did you know that you can spot whales in the seas around the UK if you are very lucky? 

I have some wonderful whale stories for you to take a listen to, but our main story this week is called ‘The Storm Whale’. 


Remember to repeat this story every day to enable the children to use the vocabulary in their play.  Ask your child lots of questions about the story (I have included some examples below).

  • How does Noi feel when his dad goes off to work?
  • How do you know how Noi is feeling?
  • Why doesn’t his dad notice how he is feeling?
  • Does Noi tell his dad how is feeling?
  • Is it a good thing to tell someone how you are feeling?
  • Why did Noi take the little whale home?
  • Was it the right thing to do?
  • What would you do if you found a whale beached on the sand?
  • Why did it make it easier for Noi to say ‘goodbye‘ to the whale when his dad was with him?
  • Can you retell the story? (by the end of the week)

Here is another story of ‘The Snail and the Whale’ (read by me)


See if you can find some more whale stories… there are lots about!


  • Continue to access the range of reading books from the oxford owl website:


  • Word practise: Keep going through the sounds and words in your red phonics book.  Try doing ‘fred in your head’ and speed reading for fluency.
  • Keep looking at the ‘reading support’ resources that Mrs Mills has put onto the blog under ‘news’ and access your level of sounds and words.  If you are in rabbits and owls groups and are feeling confident with your sounds.  Start to learn the set 2 sounds which are all ‘special friends’ (eg. ‘ay’ in play; ‘ee’ in see).  If you are in hedgehogs group and are feeling confident with the set 2 sounds, try looking at set 3 sounds
  • Continue to read bedtime stories to your child.


All groups:

Watch this clip all about a whale:


What happened in the clip to the poor whale?  Where did all of the plastic come from?  What do you think that we should do about dropping plastic?

If we were to make a poster to encourage people to stop dropping plastic, what message could we put on it?  Chat to your child about ideas (eg. Put your litter in the bin, Do not drop litter, Take your rubbish home with you).

Make a poster with at least one good sentence on there.  Add lots of illustrations and colour.  You could do a bit of research first to get some ideas of what posters actually look like for a bit of inspiration!

How to help your child to be an independent writer: Remind your child to keep saying their sentence over and over again so that they can remember it well.  Do not tell your child the sounds in each word, instead encourage them to use their ‘fred fingers’ to think about the sounds in words.  Remind them to use finger spaces and finish their sentences with a full stop. 


This week we are continuing to learn about ‘friends’.

Start by reading this extract from the bible:

Talk about the answers to the following questions with your child:

  • What is Jesus’ rule?
  • What will happen when you are happy together?
  • Why do you like your friends?
  • What makes a good friend?
  • Is there anything which might break the friendship circle? (talk about the things that can make you and others unhappy introduce saying sorry)
  • What will help to mend the circle? (talk about how when we forgive each other, we can mend broken friendships)

Choice of Activities:

  • Draw some ideas of how you can say sorry if a friendship has been broken (eg. Give them a hug).  You could use this template if you want:


  • Colour in the following sheet and display it somewhere in your house to remind you how important it is to say sorry and forgive


  • Write a short story about being sorry and making friends again


We have now completed all of the maths needed for starting year 1.  Please use the remaining weeks to go over all of the learning of these aspects:

  • Knowing all of the numbers 0-20.
  • Be able to place the numbers 0-20 in order.
  • Be able to say one more than a number in a sentence (eg. One more than 12 is 13)
  • Be able to say one less than a number in a sentence (eg. One less than 18 is 17)
  • Be able to add two numbers together by counting on (eg. 6 plus 4 is equal to 10)
  • Be able to subtract by counting back (eg. 15 take away 3 is equal to 12)
  • Be able to double numbers (eg. Double 4 is equal to 8)
  • Be able to subtract numbers (eg Half of 12 is equal to 6)
  • Be able to share amounts equally (eg. 12 shared between 3 is equal to 4)

If your child requires practise at any of the above, just have a check back on some of the previous weeks on the blog.

If your child can do all of the above, let them have a go at the following problem solving questions – needs a bit more thinking about, but if they are confident with their numbers, they should be able to have a good go at these.  They focus on doubling, halving and sharing!


Fun ideas:

  • Maths Game (Save the Whale): add smaller pipes to the top pipe so that they equal 10.  Then press the wheel to save the whale.  Great adding practise!!!!


  • Make a whale sun catcher: for this activity, add some ocean colour paints to some coffee filter paper or kitchen roll paper and then add water to make the ocean.  Then using black paper (you could paint your own paper if you do not have black paper or card at home), draw an outline of a whale, cut it out carefully and then stick it to your ocean paper.  Hang it by the window to see the light shining through and to make your whale really stand out!
  • Enjoy playing these online games where you need to save the oceans from plastic!


  • Enjoy watching this episode of Andy’s Adventures about a humpback whale on CBeebies IPlayer



Remember to keep taking photographs of your child and emailing them to the 2simple/ 2buildaprofile program.  Include what your child is doing and saying and I will link it to the curriculum so that their educational profile continues to build.

Have fun splashing around in the ocean this week

Mrs Swift xx

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